wanted: Eastward YJ J02 2aa light


I am looking to buy the Eastward YJ J02 2aa light if anyone has one. All vendors I've tried are sold out.

Same one as shown here from DX.



Have you checked those sellers? But isn't a SF L2R XP-G R5 a better value?

Have you checked BestOfferBuy?


BestOfferBuy often has products that used to be available at DX.

i'm not trying to change your mind .. but you could wait for the tank 567 and get the 2.50 cent extra tube .. or buy the 566 and the extra AA baody tube ,,I really really like that light .. or the fenix e21 looks like a great 2 AA light ..i've been looking at that too. BUT i like eastwardsalso and understand staring at these posts thinking ,,,"I want a eastward ".. I've never seen the light in my life ..means it's probably been sold out for a pretty long time .

Mr admin is right ... best offer buy ? is a great place to buy older light s that are discontinued on most sites ..seems like they always have the older stuff .. that said ...they also have some things listed and then can't deliver ,, but not very often .

Yes, I did order from Bestofferbuy but they promptly refunded me due to no inventory. I have also tried a few others with no luck - the light is listed as in stock, but I receive an email following payment that it is not.

Agreed, there are many lights of better value, however, I have a unique build planned and this host is what I choose. I have one already, and the build quality is very good. Now if I can only find ONE more...


Looks like they have it too - will order and hopefully is still in stock.


Edit: I thought that was a store front - it lists three vendors I have already tried :-(

OK, then we have to go into the deep water (read - unknown sellers or crazy prices).





or ask Eastward directly


I tried a few of those "shady" sites you listed above and all were out of stock - they promptly refunded my money.

I ended up going with a place called tech777 - so far the most expensive I've ordered from ($30). I have not received word that it is out of stock, so I'm hoping this one will go through. If not, I may just have to scrub this project.

Well, struck out again with tech777 - just got an email that they have refunded my money. Doesn't anyone carry this torch anymore???

That makes 5 vendors I've tried with no luck:

Good Luck Buy (I did get one before the stock ran out)

Crazy Sell


Best Offer buy


Guess I'll have to contact the manufacturer...

DealToWorld says that their EastwardYJ J02 in stock. But their website looks like a DealExtreme clone, so who knows? Here are some unflattering threads about DealToWorld: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/819 & https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/413

You also might want to check out iBornToShop.

Hello! Have you bought the light finally? I'm also looking for this host.

@ Raccoon city: Normally, I stay away from the shady sites, but I am really interested in getting this host for a project. I place an order at Deal to World hoping it's in stock. Yes, it looks suspiciously similar (identical?) to DX. I also sent a query to Eastward and received back a message asking how many I would be interested in. Looks like this may be the most promising lead.

@ alex_g2k: I do have one of these and the quality is excellent.

@ Hill: Thanx for the answer. Please keep updating about getting the torch.

ok, I will!

They wrote:

YJ-J02 The torch has been discontinued, the net purchase online with my other products, you can think about, thank you!

Hello! What's the news? Have you found these torches available anywhere?

i guess my ? is why this lite. whats so special bout this lite?

just curious

@ alex_g2k: I did contact the vendor and had several email exchanges. He did have a few left (so he said) and I did express interest. However, he dropped the ball and I have not heard back after repeated attempts to contact him. It's really too bad this torch has been discontinued, I had a nice project in mind.

@ cheaplite: Very good question. The reasons for this particular host are twofold.

(1) First, the build quality for a budget 2AA light is excellent. It's very solid, and I was able to removed the front bezel to access the reflector (which is very deep and aluminum). The head is pretty hefty which would be great for heatsinking. Also, I really like the grooved body design. Overall, I thought it looked and felt like a higher end light.

(2) The second reason is that the body has combatible outer threads on one end, and inner threads on the other. What this means is that two bodies can be joined together to achieve (what I predict) will be a 4AA light. There are not too many of these around (that is, four in tandem) and I was planning on driving an XML with 4AA's using a SB 2.8A driver. I have a similar setup using 3AA here which works well, but runtime is not the best due to only 3AAs. I think the extra AA battery will extend the runtime and giving me longer duration at full power (2.8A).

interesting concept. but wy aa's? wld't 123 do it? (not in tht host in a similar size lite)

Yes, 123's would work, but I wanted to have a few lights running NiMh cells only, just for variety. Also, the driver I would use has a 6V max limit, so would only accomadate 1 x RCR123 or 2 x 123 (nonrechargable). Runtime would be horrible on RCR123 (~700 mAH). It would be better on 123's, but they are really expensive and the point is to use rechargeables.