Wanted - Experts' Opinions

Want the experts’ opinions on the following:


I like:

  1. the head is as big as Jacob A60 - 55mm,
  2. zoomable
  3. xml t6 vs Q5

Would this be really 1200 lumen? Would this out-throw Jacob A60? Worth $27?

XML has way more power than the Q5, but reflector usually has a big factor on throw. i am no throw expert but i think it will have good throw, but more than a60 i do not know

1200lm is not really possible with an XML unless its really overdriven, and i doubt it has good thermal insulation in the 1st place, lol

An xre is a 22 Long rifle and an xml is a 12 guage shotgun ..

I wouldn't try to compare the two ..just buy both ... In the case of this light from meritline ..consider they are lying and are fools . They have no idea what this is and don't care .. it's all about price ..Which means odds are good it's pure crap . they call it a flood to throw zooming light .. They are idiots and the light looks cheap to me . I'd buy something highly reviewed by smart blf members ..Something highly praised by many members ....you just did .. the jacob a60 is a no brainer .. just buy it .No need to try to out wit the members here ..just follow the lead ..As a noob you'll never just stumble into something magnificent . I'd forget Meritline almost everything they have is lame ..Spend the 30$ on the Xintd in a NW or an HD2010



I don’t see how this is zoomable unless it has a Maglite like focus, but then that’s focusing, not zooming.

The reflector is big, but it OP, so not really aimed at throw. I suspect it doesn’t drive the LED hard as most budget lights don’t, so it’ll be no where near 1200 lumens as that’s just beyond the upper threshold of what an XM-L is capable in latest U3 format being heavily driven.

I have no idea on actual output, but I’d guess 600 lumens max and maybe 400 lumens (although this could still be bright).

As for throw, the XM-L is a large LED and has a lower surface luminescence. This means it doesn’t throw as well as smaller LEDs but will offer more light, brighter spill and a bigger hot spot.

So it really depends what type of beam profile you want. The A60 uses an XR-E, so it throws well, but the spill isn’t as bright and the hot spot is smaller.

Thank you all for the very informative inputs. My interest in the flashlight was like “8” (out of 10) when I posted, but now that I know better thanks to you my interest is like “3”. I’ll get a Jacob A60 — that looks to be a “sure thing” based on the discussion at BLF — and only consider this flashlight when the price drops to $17.

Welcome to the family, Sam!!

Do yourself a favor and get the SmallSun ZY-T13 for $26. It's really the best thrower bargain out there. Extremely useful beam. Throws as far as a Jacobs A60 but hits with WAY more light. Quality is great with no one reporting any real issues with the light. The equal of XM-L throwers that are 3 times the price and more.

That Small Sun sure looks impressive and BIG! My life was simpler as far as flashlight is concerned before I stumbled into BLF. Now I am faced with decisions (choices) to make whether to get Small Sun, HD 2010 or Xin TD on top of Jacob. But I am sure glad I came here and asked. For about the price of the Meritline flashlight I posted, there are proven, better ones. I’ll consider them after I try Jacob. Thanks again for all the inputs. BLightSam

Seriously, don’t get a Jacob A60 as one of your first lights. It’s all throw. Having all the light focused into a small spot is actually annoying for general use.

Well I was all set to get the Jacob. Then I read some more here and found many are high on Small Sun ZY-T13. Then some are high on ZY-T08. So I was leaning toward it. But then many reported reflector is made of paper if from Manafont. Then some suggested ZY-T13 is better after all considering the problem. Then again there is HD 2010, but then it also seem to have some issues. Right now I am debating if I order Jacob despite your warning just to get started and because it’s the cheapest, and then consider others after their issues are settled down. Decisions, decisions …

The A60 is a niche light. It throws really well, but it’s total output leaves a lot to be desired, and it was clearly constructed by idiots (the LED isn’t heat sinked properly). Personally I think it’s very overrated. Entirely unsuitable for general use too.

Unless you really need a thrower (you know, a light you’re always going to be pointing at things very far away) why not consider the XinTD C8 from IO It’s gotta be one of the best all-rounders available for the price.

Boaz suggested it in the above. It’s a good looker, but I am kind of lost with all those choices I have to select. I think I am going to stand pat and see how a couple of threads develop now that the initial “rush” I felt died out.

I have the ZY-T13, it’s basically a copy of the TC40 by Sunwayman (a premium flashlight maker, I think the TC40 is $125 or so).

For the money the ZY-T13 is super value ($24).

Plus points:

-price vs performance
-good output, it’s not the most driven light out there, but it’s bright enough and won’t over heat
-good overall design
-quite a lot of throw but plenty of usable spill too making it a nice general purpose light
-UI. It has a tail switch that is a forward clicky, I really like this as it gives you momentary. The tail switch only does on/off. The side switch cycles through the modes (although I almost always use high)

Negative points:

-not the best machining ever, it does look budget close up
-pwm on med and low modes
-fairly chunky, but it is a 2x18650 light. It’s about the same length as a 2D MagLite with a slightly bigger head and a lot thinner body
-arrived dirty but otherwise unmarked

For walking about with it’s a nice light as a modern MagLite alternative. But it’s too big to put in a pocket or EDC.


Chicken Drumstick,

You and JohnnyMac make strong, unequivocal recommendation for ZY-T13. Wish it has the option of using one 18650… If I get a Small Sun, it will be T13, not T08. (T08 is too thick as a couple of posters mentioned.)

My suggestion wasn't so much to buy the jacob A60.. rather to buy the commonly held most beloved and reccomended light that members are suggesting ....A thread like krieslers titainium eagletac giveaway thread is helpful to read thru for recommendations as to what members really like ..

If someone says cheap dedicated thrower jacob A-60 will be high on the list

The question would always be .. what do you want the light for ?

if you want to walk the dog .I'd say xpg nw If you want a bike light I'd say multiple lights like an xml and a xpg .

Indoors I'd say nichia , in the wods xpg neutral . front door light I'd say dedicated thrower .overdriven xre..keychain xpe .edc nichia ,xpg nw headlamp. 5mm nightlight,lantern ..white gas....


I was going to put off ordering any flashlight — unlike many one-flashlight-a-day regulars here — until I came across a warning in the “A60” thread that A60 may not be available. At least to say I have one, going to order A60 with DX (and keep fingers crossed it’s in stock).

Again thanks to all for inputs.

If you even consider the xintd, just buy it! 3 mode nw, be happy.

Next, keygos m10 kit, you now have a 26650 light, two cells and a charger, one cell is spare……hd2010…….

Next, you need an edc pocket light…. You already have some 18650’s, probably spare ones too….


Here its a toss up, definitely 3 mode, but xp-g2 for throw or u2 for flood? Or having already bought the xintd, do you have a taste for neutral white and the better colour rendition? Just buy whichever suits and thank me later……

Thrower? I really want to recommend the zy-t08, because you can run it on one cell, and two is the same as its parallel cells, but with the qc issues I just can’t. Good project light, drops in a coat pocket easily, but you have to be ready to mess about. It’s a victim of its own success, buy the t13 and a meter, some protected cells (sanyo’s, Panasonic’s etc) be happy.

Get a sysmax i4 charger, you’ve got a rook of 18650 lights now…


There you go, that’s the next six months mapped out, obviously you can jump on any deals/blf specials that take your fancy, but follow this simple guide and you’ll avoid all the disappointments eBay has to offer and have a pretty kicking collection that covers all bases to boot. Without having a load of battery selections to worry about. If you need a bug out bag light…

Read the whole thread, but this light will make the best of what ever you can scavenge, if you pull your finger out you can make it run 2 cr123a’s too…

Hope this helps. :bigsmile:

Small Sun T13 is a very good light, but I would refrain from recommending it to any newcomer. T08 is much safer with parallel battery config, and DX version seems to be consistently good so far.

Of course, if you already know about li-ion maintenance and safety, T13 is the way to go. Better power regulation and the superior user interface. Otherwise, one may want to stick with single cell or multi-cell parallel first.

I thought I kinda decided on T08 vs T13. And thought kinda settled on SmallSun vs XinTD vs HD2010 issue. But then you two come along and present more points to consider. More decisions …

No offense, but the inputs I got reminds me of the black comedian Flip Wison’s trademark line, “The devil made me do it,” “Try it, you’ll like it”.

I do agree with pulsars point that the zy-t08 is more noob friendly, and trust me, I have one, I really like it. It does however have some flaws, that’s what pushes me to not recommend it, or more I recommend it, but be aware the light you recieve will more than likely not be perfect, its a shame, but welcome to budget lights. :bigsmile:

Don’t be torn over the xintd, just buy one. The c8 is just a design phenomenon, its perfect, the xintd c8 is the ultimate revision. You really won’t regret the purchase.

I do know what you mean by “the devil made me do it” but you could spend a fortune looking for the “perfect for every situation light” it does not exist, physics gets in the way, but you can get a nice pocket light, a thrower for those long night hikes and a good flooder for relaxing round the ol’ camp fire.

Your pocket light is the one you really need to tailor to yourself - size, output, type of beam, clip, lanyard, cell type etc. If its on your person, it has to be as comfortable as a set of good work boots. The one I linked suits me, I built my own as a project for my own satisfaction, I don’t believe its better or worse than the built version, but is personally satisfying making something that works and suits yourself so well. For you, it may be completely useless - too big, wrong beam, wrong tint, wrong cell type, wrong user interface. If you can, have a look at a few lights before you buy, get an idea of sizes, then you can make better informed purchase decisions.

My vote is for the keygos ke-5 from keygos.com. Brighter than all the lights suggested. (except perhaps the xin, but have one on the way.) Cheaper than most ($21). Fast shipping and good packing.

Has a great combo spill and throw that will never let you down. Small. Fits easily in a cargo pants pocket. Half the weight of the hd2010 and maybe (maybe) a hair dimmer, but hardly noticeable. Plus, as some point out, the dedicated throwers are great for finding someone behind a tree at 100 yards, but for normal walking, hiking, etc., they don’t work so well. You have this eye-searing spot (even on low) 1 foot in diameter, 10 feet in front of you. Although the ke-5 has a great spot, it’s also usable for walking. Think perhaps a monsterly bright C8 with better throw?

The M10 is a great light, but MUCH dimmer. Ke-5 blows it off the map; ke-5 even beats it on mode 2. :wink:

Yes, there were a few bad ones produced during the summer, but I have ordered 6 now over the last month or so and all are fine. Better than fine. Perfect.

There are many review threads here about the light, so I won’t duplicate efforts. Easily one of the best budget lights produced.