Wanted--SolarForce Skyline1--LED Drop-in

I have a SolarForce Skyline 1 led flashlight. It’s about

5-7 years old, I think. I don’t know what type of LED

it has in it. I bought it used. I think the LED is factory.

Light has very good throw and it’s ok but not bright

enough for me. It uses x1-18650 or x2-CR123A’s

I want a drop-in with 500 & Up Lumens , has cw tint,

maintains the throw , that’s really easy to install and

Cheap ! Does anyone know where I can find this ?

I don’t think there is a drop-in for this light. I have read of some members swapping out the led (and maybe the driver?) but I think it took some effort dismantling the light to begin with.

Mike you need to change the led here is foy's review

This XML convesion

I have one, it throws like mad with an XM-L2, I removed the electronic switch and used a regular switch, and a 4 amp driver, let me know if you need advise on how to mod it.

You know, I’d seen that posting not long ago. I briefly
looked at it, but I wasn’t thinking about a drop-in for
the SolarForce at the time. It seems that it has some
stuff that I can learn about. Thanks for the links. :slight_smile:

So that you understand, my mechanical abilities are
very limited. I was looking for just a “Drop-In” :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got some mod ??’s for you.

1-How tough was it to remove the factory LED ?
(I can break stuff, no problem, but putting it back J)

2-What’s the costs of the XM-L2 , switch & 4amp driver

3-What to do to put the switch and driver in ?

The labor answers , will let me know if I can do the mod.
Whatever happens , thanks your help offers .

1-. Piece of cake, it originally has an XR-E, if you want to save it for something else just be careful, if not just tear it off
2.- XM-L2 U3 should be around $6, the switch came from DX, just measure the diameter of the original switch and order one, the driver is a RMM 4 amp driver with 6 modes.
3.- the switch, unscrew, change, screw back again. the driver, file it down and then just insert it and solder the edge for electrical connection, solder the wires and done.

Ill go get my camera and post pics for you.

16mm noctigon fits perfect, the plastic black ring serves as a centering ring, it really does center it perfect!

For me to understand what I’m looking at, I have ??’s
1-What’s 16mm noctigon ?
2-Looking at the LED picture, there’s red tape around
it. What am I seeing ?
3-How did you remove the factory LED and get the new
one in ?
4-Where’s the driver-Behind the LED ?
Let me know what you can.

  1. The LED is mounted on a metal board we call the MCPCB or “star”. Noctigon is a brand name for some high quality stars, RMM carries them at MTN Electronics and so does Hank at IOS. You can purchase Noctigons with LEDs already soldered onto them for you, that’s a great place to start.
  2. If you clicked those links you might have already figured it out: that’s not red tape you’re seeing. It’s a black plastic retention ring or centering ring which is between the camera and the Noctigon.
  3. & 4. I’m curious about too!

3 pry it off, but do not destroy the black spacer, it is the exact diameter of the noctigon 16mm mpcb and will center it perfectly

4 driver behind led, dimming circuit on tailcap


Hi AlexGT, do you remember which switch you bought for replacement? Is it standard size like in Convoy C8 (old version)!