Warm White XML at KD for $10.23

KD just added a warm white XML on a 20 mm board for $10 bucks


They also added a 5 mode warm white in a 501B for $21.50


A warm C8 as well! Nice to see, though I wound up building my own.


No info about tint, and I despise orange warms almost as much as I do purple or green colds.

The description of the 501B has some beam shots that look quite warm. Some people like that and it is probably higher CRI, but I like neutral better.

someone please alert me when they'll have T4 5A3 or T6 3C on 14-16mm board:)

The folks who got the warm "T6" at manafont got pretty low temp equivalent lights. That's pretty typical and almost expected since the "warm" xr-e are all like that, too, with very few exceptions.

Manafont added a drop in - apparently the same as the one from the 501B


Wow. I wonder if they'll sell very many of these? All the retailers say there are a lot of people asking for neutrals and warms, but when they offer them there aren't many takers.

But those aren't neutrals, in fact they're often as far from neutrals as CW's are.

I know. I like neutrals, but I don't like warms. So the market is that much more segmented. I already have a couple of neutral XM-L lights that I like, so I don't know that I'll get these (plus I really don't like 5-mode lights). I love that they are trying, but I'm afraid the dealers will get burned and stop selling warms or neutrals.

There is also a warm white XM-L drop-in (5 modes) that is sold separately. 14,97$