Warning: Check your Acebeam K70 tailcap center spring!!!

I was browsing CPF and stumbled upon this thread

Picture credit goes to CPF user rickypanecatyl on that thread

This user had a short inside the battery carrier that was apparently caused by a bent center spring in the tailcap, I have both the K60 and K70 and have never checked that spring on my lights, sure enough the K70 spring was a little bent to one side, It was an easy fix since I bent it back to the center by just using my finger. I have never taken the tailcap off the light so I assume that it might bend over regular use.

Also noticed that they changed the center spring they were using on the K60 for their K70, the K60 spring was much better quality than the K70 spring and maybe Acebeam should send out the K60 spring to users that want to change it in their K70 (I want to replace the spring myself)

Look at the comparison pics, K70 on the left and K60 on the right, notice the center spring, much thicker and coiled better on the K60

Honestly, I’m more baffled and concerned why on earth the protection of the Olight batteries didn’t kick in. :expressionless:

Yes that is also a concern, I think the OP batteries did not have protection circuit but still the battery should have tripped the internal PTC

That’s the scary part. The batteries specified by the OP are actually protected; I checked on Olight’s site. ORB-186P32 (as can be seen in the picture) were used.



From: Olight | Illuminate Your World.

Over discharge current protection
Over discharge voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Overcharge protection

Suddenly had to think of the Olight X7: this light would step down from turbo too quickly. The problem, IIRC, were the supplied protected Olight high drain batteries…

I reviewed the Olight H2R and found the battery “protection” behavior very interesting:

-I could NOT trigger short circuit protection when shorting both ends of the battery for ~0.5s, which in theory should be long enough.
-Shorting on the charging points of the front end the battery will enter a protection mode, but will still allow a 0.3A current to flow (check my review)
-The -ve side is a direct contact with the battery, unlike traditional protected 18650 cells.
-The overcharge/overdischarge protection works fine.
-I accidentally shorted the charging contact points on the front end several times while sliding the Olight battery into my MC3000 charger,

At what voltage did the discharge protection kick in?