WARNING! Don't buy from Lummi

Was I ripped off by Lummi? They lied me many times and I lost my money. I am still waiting for my items.

More than 1 year waiting, reading and answering their lies, and last time they didn't even reply my last email!

This is a copy of our E-Mails sent to each other:

[5th of March of 2010] *** This was my order:

Description:10180 Cell Wee NS/Ti, Item no:

Unit price:5.00 GBP


Amount:£5.00 GBP

Description:Wee SS, Item no: , lumens Choice: 100

Unit price:49.00 GBP


Amount:£49.00 GBP

Subtotal : £54.00 GBP

Postage and packing: 5.00 GBP

Total: 59.00 GBP

Payment: 59.00 GBP

Payment sent to: lummii@gmail.com

[8th of March of 2010] *** Then I received this E-Mail:


Thank you for your order.

Please allow 10-15 days for your order to be assembled & be dispatched.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

I will email your conformation once shipped. Kind Regards Rob @ www.Lummi.co.uk

[8th of March of 2010] *** So I replied:


You're welcome, thanks to you.

I am looking forward it! :)



[13th of April of 2010] *** I didn't receive my order and not even a single email notification, so I wrote again:


Please let me know if you have already sent me the order. I am looking forward it.

Thank you in advance,


[13th of April of 2010] *** He replied me:

Hello Joan,

Again I am sorry for the delay.

There have been a few set backs & I am trying to clear these back orders.

If you could just allow me some further time I will get your order sent to you as quick as possible.

I will aim for the next two weeks.

Kind Regards

Rob @ www.Lummi.co.uk

[13th of April of 2010] *** So I replied him:

Hello Rob,

Oh ok don't worry I was just wondering about what happened because you told me about 20-15, but it's alright. I am sorry to be so impatient :) hehehe.

Thanks for you reply.



[3rd of July of 2010] *** Again, no order received and not E-Mail notification either. I wrote:

Hello Rob,

Have you already sent my order? I am afraid I didn't receive anything yet.

You asked me to wait 10-15 days and it has already been almost four months since that.

I saw you have stock and sending orders here http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=273006 (also http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=180135 and http://lummiblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/getting-on-top-of-back-orders.html).

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


[5th of July of 2010] *** He replied me:

Hello Joan,

Time sure flies. Again I am sorry for the longer than expected wait.

Progress is being made to get your order to you & hopefully if you can give me some more time your order will be sent to you.

All has been slower than I had anticipated but during the next couple of weeks more components will be on hand to complete your order.

Thank you for the time so far.

Kind Regards

Rob @ www.Lummi.co.uk

[25th of February of 2011] *** I didn't receive anything again, not even information, so I wrote:

Hello Rob,

I placed my order almost 1 year ago, but I have not received it yet.

Could you send it to me, please?


Kind regards,


[21st of March of 2011] *** I am still waiting for his answer. My email has not even replied. I don't have any of my items which I ordered and paid. I don't have my money. I lost my money and my time. I have been lied. I have been ignored. I am sorry about my English, I am from Spain. What can I do now, more than one year later? I hope my experience helps other people who are still wondering about buying or not from Lummi. I can't recommend them at all. And I am not the unique one with this kind of experience dealing with them!

This is old news. I don't think anyone expects to get anything back from this deal. Aren't there warnings all over CPF saying don't deal with this guy?

Interesting that the proprietor's name is "Cheetham"...

That's odd. I ordered a couple of 10180s from him in January this year and got them in less than a week. I hoped that they'd work in my TiKey light, but I've not found the precise amount of spacers and paper wrapping to make them work in the light.

Yes there are many warning over there but I didn't read any until it was too late :(

Sorry I am not sure if I get it, is it because Cheetham sounds similar to Cheat? :D hehehe

I have also created this thread in Candlepowerforums in order to let the most people as I can know about this situation, but they deleted it without telling me anything. They didn't even move to another place my thread! Luckily I didn't lose the text I wrote because it's here and in another forum too.

Maybe Mr. Rob has some friends in that place? :P I didn't post in Lummi forum from CPF because I know Orb is the moderator and he would be able to edit it so I posted it in "General Flashlight Discussion" I think (or maybe "LED Flashlights"? I am not sure now).

What can I say? Only 3 words: es una putada :|

I hope you, AT LEAST, will get your money back. Shame on that guy! |(

get rid of one,then another one will be follow you, to be honest, some individual mistake would be happen,and here are so many choices, such like:dealextreme.com, manafont.com,tmart.com. and more ISP participate in this forum to get their share.

yeah I've been weary of buying from lummi. I have to say their stuff looks very nice. There are interesting possibilities using the lummi wee with QTC.

If you want to post on cpf, you'll need to post your complaint in the right place. The 'jeers' section of cpfmarketplace. Also they have a rule on cpfmarketplace, where you are not allowed to post email or PM correspondence without the other persons permission. Instead you have to describe what has happened rather than quote email/PM.

Thanks for your replies.

Yes I will never buy again from him, I hope anyone does it either hehehe

I posted in Jeers too, but in an already existing thread because I couldn't create a new one because of my low level (I had to registered in Marketplace of CPF because I just had CPF account) but as you say, they deleted my post there too because it's forbidden to paste conversations. In my eyes, it's funny I can't post normal conversations in CPF (without posting personal data) but Rob Cheetham can rule a forum for himself in CPF even when there is so much people complaining about his lies and behaviour. Is not lie and steal money worse than posting real conversations? :P They help criminal instead of victims.

Hello again,

For those who are, sadly, in the same situation as me and still waiting for an order from Lummi by Rob Cheetham (aka Orb) I have created a new thread on the sub-forum specially dedicated to Lummi company that exists on the CandlePowerForums.

I think it will be very useful for all of us, the victims, to be together in contact though a same thread and having in mind how much money is involved in this case. Maybe this can help us to get back part of our money spent (never our time, sadly, neither other money spent with advocates or others).

Here is the thread: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?315471-List-of-orders-pending

Thank you very much.

It's most odd, I've read all over the place about his terrible service and people not getting light or parts at all or not for months or years.

I ordered a couple of batteries from him a few weeks ago, they came 2days later.

Probably because they are only batteries and also you are in the same country so could track him down if need be. I know I would if I was ripped off by someone in Oz


You may live in Spain but the UK consumer protection still applies

This link is to Devon Trading standards - http://www.devon.gov.uk/index/economyenterprise/tradingstandards/consumer/tshelp.htm

This one is to a more specific page about http://www.devon.gov.uk/tsdocfulldetails.htm?docClass=eng%3Bcons%3Badv%3Bindisp&docId=122485&returnTo=in_dispute_leaflets which has a number of leaflets about complaining.

Send the guy an email saying that you either get the Goods or a refund and that you will be approaching Devon Trading Standards. Also if you used a credit card for payment talk to your card/bank and ask them what they can do. In the uk card companies are liable for faulty goods and non deliveries. Also you payed with paypal let them know the guy is dodgy and they may black mark his account

Alternatively small claims court http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/infoabout/claims/index.htm

small claims cost a small amount but if the guy doesnt turn up the court finds against them and issues a court order for the amount your claiming. That usually puts the frightners on the company.

So an email saying either goods or refund within 10 days or your going to proceed with trading standards and small claims court (bit of bluffing) and talk to your payment provider about if your covered.

Thanks for your help :) I appreciate it very much! I hope I will have to do that finally although I don't want