[Warning] raptor claw AMCs from LCSC

I got now 500 of them ans after building total of 8 drivers with them they all do not work

first symptoms

- powering on NarsilM 2 normal blinks, but when I hit the switch no moonlight visible

- same with Anduril also moonlight does not light up correct, even with reduced frequency

- ramping up starts to show moonlight but at like PWM Level of 30-50 or so

  • ramping up more seems normal, but when switching the driver OFF it remains still on with various currents from 20-400mA depending on how many and how bad they went

8 drivers build with them act totally the same
does not matter if from beginning or end of the tape
I reflowed in oven, with hot air it was not too hot or so, all drivers died the same way

Have you tested them on other driver layouts or otherwise tried to determine if another variable is at play?

Where did you get them from? LCSC?

I tried 3 different 21mm Layouts to deliver the latest driver orders to aswang
all 8 drivers failed the same way on first ramp up, they seem simply to die under PWM or normal voltage


I unsoldered them and tested with DMM
an OK one shows GRD to left pin >10MOHM while dead ones show 150-2000 Ohms

Everey single driver failed within seconds

Are you as mad as Toto Wolf?

Did I miss something, or are you indeed referring to Torger Christian “Toto” Wolff. And what for?

Well that sucks i hope they give you a refund.

Try building a 7135 driver with them and see how they act? Maybe that will help you figure whats wrong with them?

1. German, 2. Had a super bad day same day this thread was started

Sorry, my bad. The Toto Wolff that came to my mind is an Austrian citizen, who lives in Switserland.
His day was not too bad, because the saw the best F1 pilot in the world win the German Grand Prix. :person_facepalming: