Warsun CT9S first impression

Is the spare switch a different(forward/reverse) one?
What happens if you switch it off on electronic switch and then off at tailcap and then on again at tailcap? Still switched off?

This…looks nice. Just different enough from a C8 to actually not be nauseating to look at ( :wink: ) and cheaper than the Convoy L4. Good utility light once that lanyard gets a nice lobster claw to replace the thread, be nice to see the driver. (I still have 4 trimpots waiting for homes :smiley: )

1>Don’t know how to tell the difference between forward/reverse without it being hooked up, feels just like the one on the light which is a reverse clicky. Edited my original post to say that modes can also be changed by the taicap reverse clicky.

2>No, the light comes on.

3>Can’t seem to get my meter on the right setting. Have a Fluke 77, explain the correct setting and lead hookups on Fluke and I will check.

Sooo much better looking than a c8.

Doesnt the side switch on the ct9s glow red when its on? Maybe it blinks when the battery is low

Doesn’t come on with a fully charged battery, might come on when the battery gets weak, it looks like it could light up as it seems to be transparent rubber.

You know what though, I was thinking of how this compares to the Convoy L4 and realized that while the L4 may fit into a C8 holster, this likely is too long to make the same claim.

That Warsun CT9S flashlight looks good enough for me.

Side switch appears to blink for low battery

5/8 inch longer than a Convoy L4.

How about some pics?

Up in the text box toolbar, there’s the earth with the chain link, the two frames of film, and then the little landscape icon. Click on the landscape icon and you’ll haave a few options. The second line is ‘Relative width’. Enter a number 1-100 and it automatically scales the image so that the width is that percentage of the page wide, but remains proportional.

(OPTIONAL) Relative Width (%): Enter 50 in here. See what that does.

No Prob. :slight_smile:

And now I really want the CT9S after seeing it in that comparison.

The anodizing looks pretty good, like you said “similar to convoy”. Thanks for uploading the pics. The length looks about the same as a Crelant 7g6cs. Is the knurling very deep or grippy?

I bet you love that Roche F8. I have one in black, it’s so solid and built like a tank.

I’m pretty meh about mine. The tailcap is over-engineered and the driver IS put in it is flickery and likes to sometimes go into low-voltage protection on a fully charged cell. The light looks fantastic though, no denying that.

Where did you buy yours from? Mine came with an 8xAMC7135 2 group 2800ma driver from Fasttech. That driver isn’t known for being bad.

Illumination Supply. Second wonky driver I got from them in a row. (1st one was a 3040mA 105C with very audible PWM)

Is that your driver? I thought that driver was rated very high?