Warsun CT9T for $14.99

Hard to beat this for $15. Well made, side switch and tail switch, stainless bezel, nice machining. Don’t think you will find a better light for the price. Sale ends in 4 days.
Warsun CT9T

Bought one, looks like a Nice Torch.

…I don’t have a Warsun yet. And by the time I get it I’ll have a great Happy St. Patrick’s Day gift!
Looks like an interesting light.


I get 4 days 9 hours 51 min xx sec

Got one, thanks southland.

Couldn’t resist the price and bought one too 8)

There was a thread where someone was working with Warsun to make a BLF Edition light. That’s dead in the water I think.

Warsun has much better quality than generic C8. If anyone has any good mod idea for side switch driver, please remember to share with the rest of us.

Ordered, thanks!

Thanks Ronin42, sale ends in 4 days, not 4 hours like I originally posted. I bought one of these a few months back and it is a very well made light, I would say the best light you will find for $15. I bought 3 and the price went down to $14.49 each.

Thanks Southland, have you used this to charge a phone/tablet? I pulled up Chloe's review of this and it seems the battery charging is worthless.

No I have not, not something I would use, still a very nice light.

Super deal. Unfortunately ui is not for me…. Even at this low price. I wish you can turn on/off with side switch and turbo was not hidden.

Thanks anyway, I’m sure I’ll get at least one to try out.

The power plug is just directly connected to the battery; to charge the battery in the light you'd need a special charger with Li-ion charging circuit; and to use it to charge your phone would requite a special cable with some step-up converter electronics, too. Neither is included in this offer.

Also note that the light has quite some sharp and uncomfortable edges. And in mine 'turbo' is 100% on, while 'high' is about 90% PWM and thus just a tad less bright. Also, if I remember correctly, the button doesn't light up green when the battery is full, only red when empty.

Nice Deal!

Thanks for clarifying Dr. Jones, so there are issues with most of the bells and whistles on this light.It sounds like a mod is in order for the Warsun, maybe new guppy drive with side switch firmware?

Yes, having that light at home (got it defective for a few bucks, tact switch was loose, easy to repair) sort of feels like an obligation to mod it (custom driver board with dual switch firmware, probably based on lucidrv though), however it has low a priority on my list.

Any estimation on the actual realistic output lumens? They say 1198lm which considering china usual statements could be even be realistic? Or maybe 700-800?

Oh shoot.even though I already owned 2 of these, but at this price I might want to get another 2… as it is a solid light. Throws farther than a C8… and the output is easily bump up by simple resistor mod

Thanks for posting this