Warsun et26

I don't know how the back could be high only, although it sort of could be if it didn't have memory. What's odd is that it can change modes instead of only being an on/off switch. It could be an awesome light with the right driver, a driver that would ignore mode changes from the tailcap, wouldn't turn on when power was applied, and had much better levels and greater output. I bought this light as a host, so I'm not that upset.

Most of the dual switch lights that I have in my collection operate with the back button always being on and off high with no mode switching and the side button does medium, low and double tap for strobe.

Sounds like a good host. I think the light is going for about $23 on wallbuys.

The Back IS an On/Off switch... if that is turned off, you can't use the side switch..

What do you mean by: wouldn't turn on when power was applied?

When the side switch is turned off, I don't think the rear clickie should be able to turn on the light, just like it shouldn't be able to change modes.

Ah...Ok, got it!

I actually see the benefit of the first, that you notice that the light is switched on.

The second that you shouldn't be able to change modes is also depending on your taste..I don't really see that as a con.. can you please tell why that is a con for you?

I see it as a pro..You can change modes by holding the flashlight in police grip, as well as normal style...if that makes any sense. So you are always able to switch modes...whatever way you hold your light. That's how I see it ;)

Everyone has their own preference. I personally and a few others are very tired of the strobe and sos modes. It becomes annoying cycling through all the modes. I love lights that have instant high on the tail switch and modes from a second side switch.

I suppose I wouldn't care about the operation of the tailcap switch if this light had anodized threads, but it doesn't, so I do. I just see it as two ways of the light accidentally turning on while in my pack.

Ok..I can also see the con of it.. but isn't that with many lights? Turning on by using the tail cap switch, turns on the light, and not just for power without any output.

Could have been nice as well, if you power it off, and it will come back on High, unless you turn it of with the side switch which would include mode memory.

Either way, there are always some points people like or dislike, depending on their taste.

Almost all of my lights have anodized tail threads. Off the top of my head, the only lights without it are my HD2010's, Z2's, the Z8, A8 and now the et26. That means all my other lights have a way to prevent accidental usage. Some of them even have an electronic lockout. That's another way the et26 could have been much better.

I don't get why all lights don't come with anodized threads. It costs them nothing extra. The whole tube is still anodized, and the threads are still cut. It might even cost them less since all machining would be done before anodizing instead of returning it to the lathe after anodizing to cut threads.

ChibiM, why did you decide to get rid of it? I don't use mine. I keep telling myself I'll mod it. I will...

for most of the lights like these… usually it’s easier to mod using resistor mod than changing the driver.
is there a way you can show us the driver for this light ChibiM? :smiley:

I just don't feel feel I will ever be using it, an I just got the HD2010 and the cnq 3x Cpg is incoming, together with the Xintd x3.

See if I like those.. if not, I'm selling them again as well.. I just want to try new ones out, and if they can convince me that I will be using them somehow I'll keep m..if not I sell them and get some others...and the cycle continues..

I don't want to keep too many lights!

Hey, sorry,

I tried to take it out, but it seems that the wires are short, connected to the led, which I have to unsolder to take the driver out.. and I don`t want to mess with it, to keep it in current great condition !

Hopefully somebody else has taken it apart!??