Warsun et26

Side clickie with tailcap switch


Star mounted on solid pill body (see 2nd pic)

$40 shipped

I just wish I knew the modes and if the threads were anodized.


ooooo thats an interesting one, you product requested fasttech yet?

i wonder if the coating is HAIII :quest:

1st pic is wrong,that's warson CT9S, 18650 version with side switch,there's also CT9 version without side switch,C8-like with much deeper reflector. Interesting lights.




I like that the switch lights up.

My Shadow L1 has the colored battery level indicator light up switch. It is only lit when the light is on, but still has a fairly significant parasitic power drain.I have to store it locked out.

to bad its only has 1 mode :frowning:

I see a request kind of like a commitment to order, and I'm not ordering anything else from FT until they resolve the disputes I have open with them.

Other sites are saying it has multiple modes. I can't read the text in these images though, can you?

try to contact the seller and they said its only has 1 mode,i don’t know if that was trustworthy :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ve check it at aliexpress,mind if i know where you find the multiple mode version?

Looks pretty nice, but that aliexpress listing is not at all helpful.

Oh.. didnt know there was a thread about this one.

wb has it for $33.

best-flashlights also has it for a little less, but I'm wary about that vendor.

Added to the FT request thread.

Threads are not anodized. That would have been a big bonus with this light. The low isn't low at all, but that's typical of budget side clickie lights right now. The good news for some folks is that it has a tight hotspot.

On second thought, the lack of anodized threads may not be that bad since it can be turned off with both the side clickie and the tail cap clickie.

Leaftye, I agree, with only an electronic switch anodized threads are a must (I think), but including a tail cap switch, no current will be drawn from the batteries, when turned off.

Therefore the not anodized threads arent too important.

I can't believe I haven't done much more than pull this thing out of the box so far.

Anyhow, here are some tips.

If you want to access the blinkie modes, cycle through the modes with the side clickie. You can't skip them.

If you want to access the blinkie modes, double click the side clickie.

If you want to access fast strobe and you're already in either of the blinkie modes, double click the side clickie.

If you want to access the blinkie modes, use the rear clickie. It accesses the regular modes like the side clickie does.


The tail cap o-rings may be the tightest I've used yet. They're so snug that it's hard to thread on the tail cap, which makes this the only light I think really needs square cut threads, but they are also tight enough around the battery tube that don't slip out of the groove.

I really like the lanyard. I want more like it.

If I wake up early enough, I'll take it on a hike tonight. I think it'll be too throwy to use as a primary light on the trail, but it should be great at lighting nearby hills and radio towers.

Which model did you get? How is the anodizing?


I like that CT9s on the left.

Also received mine a few days ago..

The light is very easy to take apart.. No glue is used anywhere.
Lots of stuff on the threads that seem to be a kind of lubrication.

Modes; High, Medium, Low, Strobe, Sos.

Going through Strobe and SOS is necessary to go back to High.
There is also a kind of lag in between the switching of modes.
So when you go from Low to Strobe and Sos, you think when you click the switch afer Sos, that it will turn into another blinky mode, but it has a few milliseconds before it actually turns on in High.

Modes can be changed by side switch AND tail switch.

here are some pics of mine:

1. Jacob A60 (more shiny) 2. Warsun ET26 (26650) 3. Paisen Z6 U2 (26650)

Retaining ring holding the switch in place.
Really easy to open.

Driver is accessible by taking this retaining ring off.. but the driver can`t be taken out,

probably due to the wires being so short, and connected to the driver, its impossible to take it out without unsoldering.

Accessories.. 2 extra clickies, a GITD tailboot and a lanyard.

Very nice manual, unfortunately only in Chinese ;)

Thanks for that link. The A9 shown there is very interesting. 3x26650 in series. MT-G2 host??

If the charger and battery are good enough to warrant using, it's a really good deal.

Thanks for the review. The anodizing looks nice. So the back button and the side button cycle through all the modes? It sounds odd that the back button isn’t high only.