Warsun X60 review

This Light was provided by TomTop in return for my review (thanks Cathy).

I failed to mention a few things in the video, first the lens IS glass (although not AR coated) and the reflector IS aluminum and has a very nice finish in it.

Second the side switch also activates “standby” mode (hold down 2 1/2 –3 seconds)which lets you simply press the side switch without fully turning off the light, and a quick press will turn the light back on in the mode you left it in. You have to use the tail switch to fully turn the light on or off.

The anodizing is not listed on TomTop site but after looking else where it seems that it is HAIII anodizing on the light, it does have a good looking finish on it.

I also did a spring bypass on both the driver spring and tail spring with marked improvement, it went from 2.17 after stabilizing (30 seconds) to 2.46 after 30 seconds.

Price at time of this review $18.86

Link to product: http://www.tomtop.com/warsun-x60-cree-xm-l2-water-resistant-led-flashlight-2000lm-rechargeable-light-torch-5-modes-with-water-resistant-washer-wrist-hand-strap-charge-interface-l0122.html?aid=C450705060

The rest in the video and manufacturer listed specs below.

Brand: Warsun
Item Color: Black
Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Light Color: White
Lumen: 2000LM
IPX Grade: IPX-6
Flashlight Mode: High, middle, low, strobe and SOS (Press switch to change the light modes.)
Battery: 1 * 18650 / 1 * 26650 (Not included)
Item Size: Approx. 17 * 4.7cm / 6.7 * 1.9in
Item Weight: Approx. 240g / 8.5oz
Package Size: Approx. 17.5 * 5.2 * 5.2cm / 6.9 * 2.0 * 2.0in
Package Weight: Approx. 275g / 9.6oz

Press the middle button for about 2 seconds, it will go into stand-by state with indicator in blue.
In stand-by state, press the middle button twice in rapid succession, it will go into high-mode lighting.
When the battery is in full condition, the indicator appears blue, and when the battery power is low, it will flicker.
In stand-by state, the flashlight uses some of the battery power, so if you don’t use the flashlight for long time, please press the tail button to turn off the flashlight or take out the battery.

I always wondered about the war sun I thought the were another clone of the C8 but it has a wider and deeper reflector what is the price?


that I clicked on your link and that s a pretty decent light for the price how would you it would stack up against a convoy C8 With a 3.04 Amp driver and a xml2?

The Convoy is a better light out of the box.

As I mentioned in my video this one is a little under driven, but with a little tweaking I think it could be an exceptional light, as the build quality is good.

EDIT: I just checked it against a stock Thorfire C8 which has a tail reading of 2.70 (spring bypassed on both ends) and the beam is just a hint brighter on the Warsun with tail reading of 2.41 (spring bypassed on both ends).
The Warsun has a very slightly tighter hotspot also. My Convoy C8 is highly modded so I cant compare it for output.

Thanks for the review. Is the electronic switch button of center?

It sits a little off but it seems to be made where it moves around slightly with a flexable rubber boot under there.

I can move it and center it but when you push it ends up in a different spot.

I cant say for sure, as the side switch is the only part I have not taken apart yet.


the way the side switch lights up and acts as a battery voltage indicator, i have a really nice Rocher AS31 that TomE built for me and the only small thing I have to say about the light is it can sometimes to be hard to find the switch, and hence I like war sun lighted switch.If even t the price of just under 19.00$it has lot of potential for a driver and emitter upgrade.

Yes I really like the lighted side switch also, along with being able to use tail switch or side switch either one for mode changing.

Would this be a good light for my first purchase in the real world of flashlights? I have only ever owned a few cheap lights from ebay and amazon and such but they are not as bright as even the old Maglites to be honest.

hi and welcome to blf ,it would be a really decent light for the price with really nice built options you can t always get at this price rance like the usb charger an electronic lighted side switch with a built battery charge indicator and a fairly large reflector which should give you really good throw ,and if you ever get the desire to learn how to modify or upgrade your light ,this would be a great starting point.

I agree with light junkie, although there are better lights on the market , there are surely a lot worse also.

This is a decent starting point light, with decent output at a good price for all the features it has.

I have an X60, actually two now, 2nd under different branding, think bought from BangGood. Also as the Sharp Eagle XC, sold at GearBest here. This is a pretty old light, though they've gone through revisions. More recently I bought the Warsun CT9T, and it's been updated from previous CT9T models I've worked on.

The original X60 design, all Warsun designs in fact, suffered from a very poor LED alignment piece that blocks output. Lumens was significantly down just from the poor design. Also thought the head diameter is bigger than C8's, it's reflector inner diameter is the same as a C8. Basically you are getting a deep reflector C8. It's a good light to mod, but stock - I would never recommend one unless it's the redesigned version without that black LED alignment structure. You lose like 200 lumens.

Good picture of it is here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/27801 in the OP.

See post #64 here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/26123 on my X60 mods.

Looking at the TomTop product page from the OP, it's a redesigned version - the LED alignment piece is a typical white centering piece - much better!

Also for that price, cheaper than the Sharp Eagle XC at GearBest. GearBest marked the XC out-of-stock after they offered one to me to review, and I refused, citing the false advertised specs they had (SS bezel, AR lens, etc.). This was months ago.

I don't really trust this brand, knowing how arrogant the owner is, but it's a well built, hefty C8 class light with a nice side switch. I find the side switch excellent in quality.

of anyone would know it would be you,huh so the extra wider dimensions are just the aluminum not the reflector Iam glad you stepped in when you did. I really do dig the l lighted switch side switch.

This one is in fact a newer model I believe Tom, although it isn’t up to date with whats out there now.

I don’t know the owner or even who he is, but I will take your word on him.

It seems like a decent light although as I stated in the video, it is under driven , but other than that the overall quality seems good to me.

I am not defending the brand, just what I see in this particular light, I need to get the knowledge some of you guys have to better evaluate some of this stuff I guess….lol

The LED centering piece IS a lot different than the one in the thread you posted though.

The old one you posted on……

And the newer one in the light I got….

Confirms their pic in the TomTop page on it - yes, definitely better. You see how buried the LED is though in that black thing? The black piece snaps in place, easy to get out. Of course with my mods, that black piece was tossed . The freak'n guy (supposed owner of Warsun) was defending it, saying his "engineers" know better, etc... He was a real character... I don't think they got rid of the pill top depression in the middle though. Other lights have that as well - hard to find properly machined pill tops though, and I'm not sure it's not as bad as I used to think, because a copper MCPCB still can have pretty good surface contact even with a center hole/depression, not ideal though for sure though.

Well at least they did SOMETHING to improve it then….lol

It may need to come over to you for a mod after Christmas is over and done though, what ya think?

Yes! This is a definite improved model! Either they eventually listened to me, or realized it on their own, or from other source. Kind of scary though how it was, and that they had to learn what we all knew. Like I was saying though, I like the Warsun lights - styling, chunky, side switch is a good one, etc.... ALso their pricing is competitive, specially with this TomTop deal. But being basically the same reflector as a deep C8, can't expect it to throw like a Yezl Y3, Convoy X3, HD2010, or even a UranusFire 818 with everything else the same (LED, amps, etc.).

hmmmmmmmmm you really got me thinking now