Was this a BLF user? :)

I’m dying to know if it was a BLF user that submitted this image:

http://img.thedailywtf.com/images/14/q3/e126/Pic-4.png (Original Post)

Something tells me it probably was… :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

56.76369863 % off ? very precise. :slight_smile:

Super precise and dead wrong. :bigsmile:

very true. :stuck_out_tongue: i was more amused at the percentage decimals that i never noticed the incorrect pricing.

"No, banggood.com, no matter how many decimal places you use, it's still wrong.,"


My inner mathematician rejoiced at such accuracy and then died a painful death.

hmm… clark posted the comment, and we have at least two people with clark as their username, or clark in their real name, so it is within the realm of possibility.

Did they use a chinese calculator to determine that percentage?

Perhaps their binary has zeros and 1.152739726s

it’s possible that the 35.04 is US$ and 22.40 is CAD. perhaps the % is correct if u factor in the exchange rate.

Yep, and the fact that the user was buying an 18650 charger at BangGood makes it almost a sure bet that he is an advanced flashlight user. Either that or he is looking to charge his Tesla’s cells. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the original price is in USD and the final calculation is comparing CAD to USD, which causes the discrepancy.

What’s worse is it’s probably all written in javascript