Water Cooled Flashlight Modding a MT35 PLUS RE-MODDED

Looking Awesome CNCman. Can’t wait to see the finished build.
Have you got any updates on this project.
Very good pics by the way. :+1:

Will it have a steam whistle for overpressure release?

I just ran across this. Very ambitious build. Some good ideas I see here. I’m curious to see how it will work. I’m wondering if convection would be enough to move heat without a pump. Probably not,but it probably doesn’t need a lot of flow to be effective.

Sorry guys for not responding. We have had a few Life Events and are just recovering from it all. I will now begin finishing the light and post pics on the progress in a few days. :person_facepalming:

Hey, this looks like an amazing project! Very excited to see how it progresses!

Great build!
I am really curious about end result. I think you could have been bought a 6V bigger MCPCB and mod it to 12V. Not a big deal. Just two cuts with a dremel and a thick wire.

Sorry about the loss of pictures here, I will attempt to replace them.
Also, I have finished the parts that were missing and plan to start finishing the light the day after Xmas.
This build became more than I was able to handle and was delayed for lack of experience.
Of course the intent has never changed and that was to eventually put a CBT90, SBT90,
or some hot led in it, keep it cool, and determine how much water cooling is required.
Afterwards a new design can be incorporated that will have a normal appearance.
This light is for testing, not looks, so I will not be offended by comments.

Do you have more info about the cooling of the LED/shelf?

If you can reduce the heat of the shelf drastically you dont need all that aluminium wound up next to the head, if you could just take out the heat below the LED.

Or is that your heat exchanger?

The MCPCB is .062 thick and will be inset into the copper cooler. The copper cooler is .100 thick it will sit on.
Im guessing this is the shelf you are asking about. As far as technical info on cooling capacity, no I am no Engineer. Sorry.
Yes , you are correct, in after thought and already in deep, it is overkill.
The aluminum coil is the radiator and the copper cooler is the heat exchanger.
They will be connected and water will be pumped / circulated thru both.

Here is the battery holder extension to 12v and 8 batteries.


Absolutely love this build. Fantastic so far and thank You for sharing!

Awesome build, i have never seen a build like this. Also beautiful machined parts, i love it!

I wish i had the ability to build something like that

interested to see the performance when its ready!

Do you need a reservoir to prime the tubes? How you are going to prevent cavitation or air in the system?

I want it . I will catch a lot of fish with it

Picture quality is not so nice, lots of noise
they are pretty big with 2.5MB each, you can get that to 500KB without loosing quality through Adobe Lightroom or similar software to improve image then resize/compress

Thanks djmcconn, we lived near Greensboro for 2 years back in the 90’s, loved it there. :+1:

Yes that is a concern we will tackle at assembly. I may need to modify the pump for lower output
and use a rubber tank ( small ) to maintain light pressure. Lots of unforeseen problems that I will need your help with.

OK, thanks, I thought they were resized when copied but I did not verify it, sorry I will fix that and go back to the camera.

Amazing work Mr CNC. I could look at your work all day. Mesmerising stuff. :beer:

Nice job, keep it coming CNCman. Awesome detailed pics.
Thanks for sharing :+1: .

Thank You MRsDNF … :+1:
I will pm you some pics of off topic jobs…