Water Cooled LED Flashlight :)

Hi all,
This is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while now. I feel like this proves yet again that thermal path is king…

Please let me know what you think of the project.

That was both funny and cool to watch :slight_smile: Next is to go with liquid Helium super-cooling at –272 degrees C. :smiley:

Very impressive :slight_smile:

Your car vs. flashlight beamshot comparison cracked me up.

Nice! But, I think you also win the award for ugliest flashlight design. :wink:

Pretty cool. Looks like a fun project. You are essentially adding a lot of thermal mass, but not dissipating it to the air. So how fast would your water heat up?

Your reservoir looked to be around 1L, so had a heat capacity of around 4000 J/K. The XHP70 was putting out maybe 50W of heat, so the water temperature would increase 1 degrees Celsius in about 80s. So if you started with the water at 0 degrees it would take 66min to get to 50 degrees.

Your company’s graphic design team is first rate, they deserve more money.

If you build another one like this, important safety note - don’t cross the streams!

Add some ice, much higher heat of fusion :wink:

for those lights way beyond 30000 lumens I did in the past talk about watercooling with PC watercooling components and battery in a backpack

Woot! I knew I was sure to win a prize of some kind :slight_smile:

Sounds reasonable. I would be out of battery before I was out of cool…

I’ll let them know. Most day’s I’d like to fire them :student:

It really is a lot of fun. No overly practical, but fun!

Love your videos. I’ve said it before, you have a great sense of humor

Now I know who I’m gonna call

The one thing I learned is that any unexpected problems can be solved with 2 part epoxy.

Funny creative and informative simultaneously. Win.

LoLoLoLoLoL vestureofblood! There are some inexpensive and good waterblocks you could have used, with the MCPCB installed over.

I understand that was a sort of quick “let's see how it goes” project, though.

Did I read someone claiming “up to 18A (2S) for the newer XHP70.2s on an L6” in the video comments? Freakin' seriously? Can you make some scrambled eggs with it?


So fun….!

Very cool build, you kept my attention, kind of mod I like to see. Could see this easily being used on a scuba light, two opening and a pump, no tank needed.

Cool demonstration of how high power leds can run stable at these powers, and a fun video to watch :slight_smile:

Well done, fun project :slight_smile: