waterproof metal capsule for 18650

I got one of these today:


Trustfire flame fits nicely, does not rattle, insulating must of course be done even though I think neither + or - have contact to the capsule.

thanks for posting, I like to put everything in a close fitting container, big to small:)

Those are pretty sweet. Would be great to have a couple extra batteries clipped to a belt loop. I am in the process of making some from PCV piping and caps. Not as elegant as those but a little bit cheaper and easier than trying to buy those from Germany eBay.

In the past, I bought a container like this one from Meritline. This is not the same one, but this one is the same length as mine.

Mine has room for one Xtar 18700 battery or shorter ones.

I cut 2 disks from a milk jug and glued them into the ends as insulation and added a little bit of cotton from a pill bottle to prevent rattle.

My guess is that all of the big Chinese dealers sell similar containers of many sizes.

Some are called Spy Capsules, some pill bottles, some just "aluminum container".

I use mine with a spring loaded claw.



This one looks same as that from ebay. But cheaper. You can get -15% discount at BuyInCoins with coupon code and recommender.

What a great find. Thanks! I couldn’t find any yesterday while searching the net. I just ordered 3 of these. :slight_smile:

Indeed great for an 18650; a protected one fits nicely, it's water-proof, nice container for a spare battery.

DX, 2.61$

I'd seen these but never new they were big enough for 18650.

DX is all silver.

review on buycoins shows all silver (description silver/black), and looks either polished or chromed

i want orange...

but ordered one of every size on buyincoins. note they tell you to specify color in paypal notes section otherwise receive random

I bought at least 2 in each size at BIC. We know the large fits the 18650 cells. I will find out if the others fit the smaller cells when I get them. Judging from the exterior dimensions I think they should.

Large for 18650 (20mm x 88mm)

Medium for 14500/AA (16mm x 58mm) Might just squeak by in length.

Small for 10440/AAA (14mm x 50mm) I have a feeling these may be too short to close all the way.

JohnnyMac When get it tell us if they fit, also can see if 16340 batteries fit in the Medium case?

It may not fit see hear it's only 9mm

These may help

This orange plastic waterproof match holder is available at Walmart stores and most camping outlets.

It holds one 18650 just right.

This link shows the product, however the ad is for a case filled with matches.

The store price around here for just the case is $1.29.


Also, the small plastic pocket size bottle that Tylenol comes in is good for one AA size cell. I usually see them around the checkout stands in stores.

never noticed it at mine but I'll be looking closer, thanks. ORANGE!

It's a HongKong seller, so if you add the item to your watch list through german ebay, you can check it later on your local ebay version.

Have you received these?

I got mine from buyincoins. I requested and received silver for smaller containers and silver/black for large. Large is good for 18650, smaller sizes weren't good for any batteries I have (smallest is too skinny for AAA, medium is too short).

Thanks for the B-I-Cs links I think I may order one, it looks handy to have...

Sorry, guys…I forgot about this thread. What he said ^

The large is great and I highly recommend them but you may or may not be able to fit protected cells in them due to inside machining tolerances. All 3 of the large I ordered fit unprotected Panasonics easily. One fits with no rattle (end-to-end), another fits with some rattle, and the third has lots of rattle. That third one has enough rattle to where I can fit a protected TF Flame but the other two cannot.

The medium is too narrow inside where a 16340 will just not fit. It might have lengthwise but too narrow widthwise. Can't even use them for wooden matches (too short). Good for folded cash stashing for emergencies.

The small are useless. Too narrow and short for even a 10440. Too narrow, in fact, for many pills. Great for folded notes or info and for use as zipper fobs on your kid's jacket or on their backpack.