Waxing Lyrical

Can anyone tell me why you would ever need an led light on this? Or how on earth you would ever see where it was shining?

(This is one that Match certainly could NOT mod. )

It's the latest technology you must have. It is totally irrelevant if it is usefull or not. Next thing we might see is a led enabled nose hair trimmer.

Its more for other people to use...

I would love an LED equipped nose hair trimmer. Can’t ever get my nose at the right angle even directly under the vanity lights above the mirror to see and remove those damned nasal vines I have growing up there.

...what concerned me more was the link at the bottom of their page "customer images".

Uh, no thank you all the same. I ain't goin' there LOL.

Can we have some beam shots in the ear?

Will it run on 10440's?

How many amps does it draw and what's the run time? I would hate to run out of battery in the middle of a project.

I might get hurt.

My ear hurts

I hear what you're saying. sounds like an interesting light .I would like to hear from someone who has one . I'm all ears .

Depending on how hot that emitter gets, might just melt the old earwax out.

Well, we have tried shining XM-L power at our own ears right?

Its my fav party trick with my alum twisty triple XP-G, definitely an earwax melter. (or liquefier*)

needs 18650 though..