way off base please need answers what is average water usage per person need to know ASAP PLEASE!

Okay budgeteers I know this is way off topic but may iask what is average water usage per person I ask because tomorrow our small community out here where we live everbody wants to kick my family and I of 6 off community well because our average of water usage is 12, 000galons per month we are current on bill just wanted to see what average person uaage is per person is per month sorry way off base I go to no other web sights than this one I have two disabled people in this house my daughter and I and temperatures are now above 100 degrees F

Our household usage (family of four):
Our monthly usage in winter/spring is 15000 liters, that’s about 4000 US gallons.
It increases in summer to around 22000 liters, around 5820 US gallons.

I hope that you can get that figured out. Seems unreasonable to just cut off one’s water supply due to usage. You are paying for it, after all. I doubt water is cheap in AZ.

12,000 Gallons per month is a LOT of water. My average in the winter is about 2000 Gallons per Month, rising to 3500-4000 Gallons per Month in the summer due to Lawn watering and other outdoor cleaning...


P.S. This question belongs in "Off-Topic". It has nothing to do with LED Flashlights.

Thank you for honest answer what is your househould size I am not asking to staert a bickering argument just to get an idea of useage per person iam trying to see where e can limit and to be honest showers seem to be about 98%


I’m in New England, very different from SW AZ.

Family of 4, 2 acres of land, average usage is 5,000-6,000 per month, just checked my last two bills (billed every 3 months so that’s a 6 month average).

No lawn watering, low flow everything in the house.

I have traveled to AZ several times, as recently as two weeks ago. I’m amazed at the outdoor water usage in that part of the country. Sprinklers running constantly everywhere, watering not only the lawn but the concrete, most of it evaporating.

I’m not suggesting this is your situation but I’m always amazed at the use of water in the SW.

Good luck.


Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths? That is why, in these days of water conservation, we are starting to see toilets and showers that use less water than before.

Many local governments now have laws that specify that water faucets, toilets, and showers only allow a certain amount of water flow per minute. Water agencies in some areas, such as here in Atlanta, Georgia, offer rebates if you install a water-efficient toilet. In fact, I just put in two new toilets and received a rebate of $100 for each. Yes, they really do use a lot less water. For your kitchen and bathroom faucets, if you look real close at the head of a faucet, you might see something like “1.0 gpm”, which means that the faucet head will allow water to flow at a maximum of 1.0 gallons per minute.
Typical water use at homeBath A full tub is about 36 gallons.
Shower 2 gallons per minute. Old shower heads use as much as 5 gallons per minute.
Teeth brushing <1 gallon, especially if water is turned off while brushing. Newer bath faucets use about 1 gallon per minute, whereas older models use over 2 gallons.
Hands/face washing 1 gallon
Face/leg shaving 1 gallon
Dishwasher 4 to 10 gallons/load, depending of efficiency of dishwasher
Dishwashing by hand: 20 gallons. Newer kitchen faucets use about 2.2 gallons per minutes, whereas older faucets use more.
Clothes washer 25 gallons/load for newer washers. Older models use about 40 gallons per load.
Toilet flush 3 gallons. Most all new toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, but many older toilets used about 4 gallons.
Glasses of water drunk 8 oz. per glass (did you remember to drink your 8 glasses of water today?)
Outdoor watering 5 to 10 gallons per minute

Family of 4, livestock, pool, and small garden and the only time I’ve gone over 8,000 was when I put in the pool 12 years ago. Toilet flapper leaking?

Just to preface, it might be kinda hard to compare water usage outside of the bathroom and kitchen across different climates….

I just looked at our bill, and our family of 4 in a 2 story house in SE Texas used about 10,000 gallons in the last month. We also have a large lawn, a swimming pool (yet it doesn’t take quite as much water to maintain as you might think), and I’m a fan of looong showers.

I also have grandparents in Las Cruces, NM, and I know they have to very closely monitor their water usage. Everything from how and when they water their small field to their shower water usage has to be controlled to keep the community well happy.

I’d see if you can just make a deal to cut back usage bit by bit for the next couple of months, maybe showing improvement will appease the well-watchers.

Thanks I do appreciate your input , I was reading up a thpical 4 minute shower takes about 20 gallons evryone other other than I take 10 –20 min showers I now see where I must cut down my on my family thought I was a shower Nazi now they see I have two women ,I understand I personally take a 3-5 minute shower no need for. Rest of boys to take 15 min plus shower .we don’t even drink tap water just wash clothes dishes and SHOWER.!!! I now see looking at #’s

I just checked my last usage. About 2120 gallons/month/person. No lawn watering.

Check for leaks in the toilet tanks (the flapper on the bottom, and the valve draining into the overflow tube), and faucets, indoor and outdoor.
Some usage suggestions: Install a two-stage toilet valve (these can save a lot), try to reduce the shower times, and evaluate the need for outdoor watering.

We have no outdoor watering. I have fixed all leaks albiet not the current lowflow toilet s @1.5 gallons per flush its 98!% shower time I.thank you for sincerest input

I do appreciate your honest input to this very sensitive situation I am writing #’s and info and everyone s tactfulness I. Tbis area I am taking notes and willing to move out of our neighborhood of 14 years as I am willing to coincide to what association votes on tomorrow thanks

Very interesting topic.

I have saved my water bills, and will compare the actual gallons.

My 24 year old daughter moved out today June 1st into her own apartment.

My water usage should now drop immediately starting June 2nd.

LOL. I love her anyway!

I now see my family has went way over allowance of water on showers my kids ages 16-22 although not being little toddlers are or have been honors students involved in community and church Varsity sports, how far shall I let thwm hear what community haa to say before interceding ? They ars good kids not on druv s partying etc they need to hear what i’ve been preaching but how far do I leg neighborhood go it got pretty graphic t oday wigh 4 people making threats I have not shared with family

Most pre-1994 toilets use a 3.4 gallon per flush whereas new high-efficiency toilets can use 1.28 … 1.6 gallons per flush, so replacing any old toilets can have a real impact on the amount of water used per month.

I replaced one of my toilets with a Toto Drake which I highly recommend - powerful low maintenance flush mechanism and hard to block. Here are some pics from my install.

Plumbing forums are even stranger than Flashlight forums. Toto even has models with built-in led lights, heated seats, automatic open and close lids, etc. :slight_smile:


Here, during the drought, the water company issued “please explain” letters if usage was more than 200 litres (52.83 gallons) per person per day.
So ~6000 gallons per month for a family of four during drought water conservation period - no flushing of number ones, restrictive showerheads, no outside watering etc.

Current bill (no drought) shows 316 litres per person per day, which works out to about 15,000 gallons per month if multiplied by 6 people (it would be less because of washing machines etc).

So you’re consuming less than us, but I shower every day ! :zipper_mouth_face:

What did that set you back for the lowflow?

Okay thanks, just now getting a little confused because I think ww could get by o. Hall if showers weren’t so long we don’t have any outside watering