WB Crazy Promotions are back-50% off.

For 30 minutes Dec. 25th 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong time.
(Should be Dec. 24th 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. CST)

I have been wanting one of these for a while.

Looks like a slick deal.

Limited stocks for each item.

I would wait nothing is in stock. I have ordered a Convoy L2 & UF T90 this week. Did not find out they were both “out of stock” till after paypal was done. They will let you buy an out of stock item but e mail you after money is sent asking if you want to wait for stock or get different item.

it's my best loved 1xAAA light. i never use it though, too nice.

Very good info. Thank you. I did notice after my orig post that they claim to show (x) amount in stock. Wonder if that is accurate. Think it showed like 3 of one of the lights was in stock. Odds pretty slim I would be lucky enough to get one of 3 avail if that is even true. I have never been lucky in my life! lol

I guess you will have to ask for a refund, or file dispute. PITA, but we do it for the love of the hobby! J)

Limited stock on these or just the limited time?

Someone commented there were 10 items each iirc. No idea for certain though.

HI all and kronological,

Just to make it easier for ppl around the world with difference time zone,
following is the link to help you guys,

FYI: If you use UTC/GMT time, anyone can google that and time zones become unnecessary. That is how we do it in Ham Radio. Keeps everyone everywhere straight.

Thanks for letting ppl know.
Have fun and Merry Christmas eve.

I just had a chat with Cherry on skype.

She says there will be limited number of items and limited time together.

Reason is that they will get into trouble with the (fenix, nitecore, etc.) manufacturer’s Minimum advertised price or MAP if they extend the promotion for too long.

Cherry also says that she did this promotion for us: “[1:50:49 PM] qya_cherry: but I know BLF memers need it and last year we do it and they are so happy, so I set that promotion yesterday”

And that she wishes to be un-ban from the forums. :santa:

T90 Here:


A few things a would like to try for. Does anyone know if they all go on sale at once or is this like the rest of the promotions a hour apart. I see no timer on each group of items like usual. Is there going to be captcha?

All in one go,8 hours from NOW.The fasttech sale takes over immidiately after,02:30 and 03:00 in Europe,I think.

25th at 8PM US central is the FT sale.

Just look at the count down timer...that's probably the easiest to figure out when it starts.

The Fenx E15 won´t take 16340s, right?
Is the MarsFire MF001 Battery Charger any good and does it take long 16350s?
Is the Uniquefire UF-T20 good? Is it just another T6-zoomie or does this light do somehow special?
Is the FandyFire HD2010 a good HD2010 or is it, I don´t know, underdriven or something?

What do you guys think? Will we be able to get what we want or do we have to be suuuper fast und super lucky?

Suuuper fast and super lucky!

They might have one of each...or knowing WBs they might have less than that!