WB some dead SRK bodies, ( black finsh)

So it looks like i will need a third (maybe a fourth) SRK four-paralell 18650 body to upgrade the SAR40 ( formerly called the Barrett40) Quad-DST thrower project.
After doing some testing and exploding emitters, i am managing to shove 7 + amps through a dedomed XM-L2 on active cooling and keep it alive. Multiply this by four, equals 28 + amps, ( as it will be driven by four independent separate driver circuits) meaning i will need to power this 4-inch wide beamed white laser/thrower project with more than eight 18650 25R cells (all in parallel) to sustain it for some run time. And if i add a MT-G2 in the center of it to add a little flood, another 6 to 8 amps can be added to that.
So what i’m looking for, is some dead SRK carcasses. or SRK clones, all preferably black finish ones)
I need the tail cap, body, and head, with dead driver plate if its with it.)
Depending on the price and cost of shipping i have money waiting for you if you do.

Geez, dude! You’ll need to warn us all before you set this thing off outdoors! Are you trying to bring down aircraft (by melting off the wings, obviously) so you can SAR them?

(Seriously, I wish I had the bodies for you!! I’d love to see this one IRL!)

Whoa! :open_mouth:

This light could be another extreme light a.k.a ‘retarded’ light. It just keeps getting crazier and I’m looking forward to see the results. :bigsmile:

The four DST heads are here ( it this photo taken last winter resting on a Aluminum Plate on top of a SRK body) to give an idea of what the plan design for this light is:

Also here is a preliminary test of just one of the modified DST mules against a couple other mega throwers:

Oh my science! Are you gonna update this thread with the build progress? ’Cause I think we’d all like to watch this mad plan come together.

I will be updating it soon one progress proceeds on it.