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Winner is Post #25

Here's the thread for the latest of my disasters.

This Magcharger is almost complete. It has an Aluminum heat sink, fitted to the head. It has the Magcharger glass lens in it. The switch is already modded and leads are wired on. The light has been stripped and is now bare aluminum and can be polished, using any aluminum polish. The heat sink has holes (& screws) drilled for mounting a 20mm star on it. It has a brand new NiMH 6v battery. It has a working charger. It is a used light and most likely very old. It has some pitting and marks on it, but it is a Magcharger and with a led, it will work.

It does not have a led or a driver.



Here's the deal. I cannot afford to go forward with this light. I have sunk WAY too much into it and I want it gone. I cannot afford to pay shipping, to send it to someone else, especially overseas.

I will give the light to anyone who wants to pay shipping, to get the light.

The light (packaged in a box) weighs in at 6 pounds.

I can guesstimate for you that CONUS would be approximately $12 to $18 USD.

I can also tell you that International would be approximately $50 USD.

This is a Giveaway, not a sales thread.

If you want a chance for this light, post in this thread that you want it. I will do a random drawing on Tuesday Dec 4th at NOON CST. The random winner will pay the shipping fees and I will ship the light to that winner.

This giveaway is open to anyone who is a member since 11-30-2012.

WINNER is Post # 25 Match!!


me wants

I’m in.

im in… thanks for the chance

I’m in. Wish you had completed it, but totally understand why not.

I want it!

I can see a XML 2B and a 4 amp driver new home, how beefy is the heatsink?

Count me in!

I am in, thank a lot !

I will pay gladly the international shipping.

Plenty. It would take an SST-50 or an XM-L no problem.

I want in!

I have a magcharger hotwire and want another one! Count me in! Thanks

Count me in,

will be my first mag - mod lite

Thank You

I’m in, would love to mod a Magcharger!

Count me in!

I’d love to be able to tinker with a mag charger. Count me in!

Counts me in. Thanks OL

I would love this!!

I’m in… could really use it in my wife’s car.


Im in !! ty !!