Weak '9W' RGB remote controlled bulb

Got this LED RGB bulb from banggood http://www.banggood.com/E27-9W-IR-Remote-Control-16-Color-Change-RGB-LED-Ball-Bulbs-85-256V-p-83013.html
labeled as 9W, to replace a 15W fluorescent warm white bulb. At 9W I expected this light to at least come close to the fluorescent, but it fell far short of that.

RGB bulb set on white (highest brightness stage too of course).

Old 15 fluorescent bulb.

Both taken at ISO 100, 1/10 sec exposure.

The LED bulb reaches maybe 20% of the old bulb’s brightness, and that’s a high guess. It’s too dark to read a book if I sat directly under it :frowning:
So, is this to be expected with this kind of bulb, is the wattage here similar to the exaggerated lumen claims of some lights; or should I ask for a refund?

On the plus side the remote came already loaded with a CR2025.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chinese Crap…

There are ALOT of over rated stuff out there…I would probably say that is a 5W at best, but they sold it as a 9 watt

Sucks…got burned by that too, ended up getting a 40 watt equivalent bulb that barely lights a room, luckily for me my oldest daughter is in her EMO/GOTH phase and likes her room dark (she better grow outta this quick!)