Weapon Light

I am type of guy that can hardly love anything below 200 kcd… No wait… Anything below 250 kcd :slight_smile:

And imho modded zoomies are no 1 hunting lights cause they will perfectly cover scope fov from 1-7x and adopt to any hunting situation.

For example 250 kcd zoomie with precoolimator lenses will perfectly cover scope fov on 6-7x mag in full focus(full power for usable 600+ meters of throw), and if you need to use red dot style optics or wide fov optics(lets say 1-4x) you can defocus it and have for example fov of 80 meters on 100 meters and still over 30 kcd in full flood on target.

But of course modding skills are required for such light and if someone is searching stock form light C8 is certainly one of contender.

I almost with with a zoomer (Aspheric Brinythe B158)… I agree with your reasoning but in my case I was concerned about having the zoom “set right” before turning it on (when you then know for sure where you are at ;). But if kept on a shorter throw though (like my scope which stays on it’s lowest power until something happens), I think I’d like a zoomer. Which model/config/mods are you talking about here, btw?

LDLITKER (Kia Domain) C8.2 in the 2600 lumen (50.2 LED) version. $30 shipped (and I’m using old Sony laptop and 30Q 16850s).

I’ve been playing with this one OLIGHT Tactical Light & EDC Flashlights & Headlamps It’s got a TIR lens for good throw. I’ve not gotten to the level of comfort for serious duty weapon use. Game hunting should be great. I like the pictures but think a single mount ring on that scope might damage it from recoil wagging the light. I do love that 6.8mm, I’m getting 1500 Ft-lbs in a 12.7” LWRC upper and about 1800 on a 16” parts gun.

Ya, it’s a great caliber and I’m finally getting used to shooting an AR (Savage Bold Gun Guy Here!). As I reload, I got my SST 120s shooting about .7 or so MOA and called them good. JUST got the Romeo 5 in and it’s replacing the RMR tomorrow— so I get better “two eye’d” shots.

That light looks nice and compact— I’m more and more loosing weight on my guns over time. At least the ones I walk hunt with. Bought a nicer wood stocked 243 for X-mas and the darn stock weighed about 3 lbs! I don’t love black plastic, BUT I’m going to get rid of the 243 and go with a REAL walnut 1 1/2 lb stock this time around (and use a 260AI caliber) for a 6 1/2 lb walking gun when done. My Savage 110 270 (in black accustock) has killed ALMOST as many elk as my old 7mm Mag (Rem 700) this last decade— as it’s got a nicer SS barrel and weights less. I shoot 4-5 deer a year with that same 270, and I’m realizing it’s about the weight (I LIKE to run and gun with shooting sticks :wink:

For this rig… the scope is a Grand Slam (in a Nitrex build- long story), but a solid scope. And I appreciate the suggestion and if I see anything wonky happening I’ll rethink the mount— but I JUST LOVE it up there on the scope. I had the same thought on the rails ability to support the light, so I did mount the light rail’s (forward) edge FLUSH with the forward scope ring’s (rear) edge- so adding a lot more 90 degree support to the assembly point there with that “trick”. It’s a lot lighter than the other rails I used on the old set-up. But I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for the feedback!

Getting late, C’ya later Tex :wink:

So Brinyte you say? You swill step into 330+ kcd field with that light. But it is not my favorite…

I am settled with 1503UF’s with hand selected lenses(each lenses are superb) that gives “only” about 250 kcd of performance(some best of them of them are very close to 280) but with much nicer tint and wider beam than in B158.

Setup is same for each light I mod(no matter reflector or aspheric). I mod single 18650 lights. Fet driver+dedomed XP-G2 S4 2B with addition of precoolimator lenses on my aspheric builds.

C8 with mine combo would give only around 200 kcd :slight_smile:

And if you guys really want reflector super light, portable and true super thrower for cheap $ nothing beats (literary nothing in that reflector size) Mitko’s Super thrower light aka Supwildfire each of them modded will go over 320 kcd with my mentioned setup but I still prefer aspheric type of beam for hunting and if you’ll hunt with IR led lights and night vision equipment you’ll also see that 90% of led IR lights on market use all kinds of aspheric lights as a host. With good reason…

Mitko’s find here: BLF style 18650 1s thrower( poor mans Olight M2X)

Thanks for the great ideas here. I can see (indeed) why the IR guys like you use aspheric with the low output from IR leds to start with. I plan to use IR in the future for the gun (when I get a better NV set-up of my own) and whatever light I am using (then) will have drop-in’s to quickly go from white to another color/IR. And in any case… staying with one 18650 form factor (lightest weight possible).

So if I go to a super long throw, I still want the smaller reflector and the Brinyte would probably be the go to (for me). I need to get out with what I already have this spring though (I can learn so much from the shooting bench, and out in the a Kansas bean field at night… but real world use can’t be replaced). I’m looking forward to hunting some pork with my pair of C8F mods this April down in Texas. “here piggy piggy…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Some does like l-m-h with memory but also plenty of guys prefer high mode only(me also as I don’t like to cycle through modes).

In a term “what I can see at night?” 50mm aspherical Osram 4715AS 850 NM IR led driven at only 1.7A plus first gen NV or digital NV is equivalent to 450 –500 kcd 4,5A driven fet driver light.

But there are some new “Ruby” 810NM emitters that are even better than 4715AS emitter since they work on lower wavelength and thus giving better performance to Night vision device so 50mm aspheric with 810nm IR = 600-700kcd light.

In other words it is just crazy how IR leds are powerful in combination with night vision.

Ya, I am looking forward to an affordable NV headset (with a workable or right side ocular) to go with an even smaller (gun mounted) host light— as the technology is allowing for some great distance viewing. But I don’t want to buy a NV scope for EACH gun I want to use. I’d rather use the good glass (better rifle scopes) I’ve already invested in.

18 years ago we were shooting pigs to 250 yards (out of an elevated blind) using the old Type 1 military NV headsets (with the centered, single viewing lens— set out between our eyes). It was a bit hard to crush our cheeks to our gun stocks (to get over enough to get lined up with the scopes ocular lens), but we did— and we saw THROUGH our scopes JUST FINE. Many snipered pigs at 3AM with that set-up down in S. Texas. Just thought by now they’d cost $99 :stuck_out_tongue:

How about investing or making yourself nice addon unit? Addon is NV device that attaches to your dayscope so you can have both. Dayscope at day and night vision device at nigth. The most known example is Nitesite but there are far better units even with near eye display and you could even make your unit if you join to us at nightvisionforumuk :wink:

I HAVE looked that concept over, but didn’t know there was a group (like BLF) for it! I liked the idea IF I were hunting from a blind. But the second you have to hunt on the go (through the thicker stuff when stalking pigs at night) that little scree ON the gun doesn’t work.

BTW… For a few years now, I always envisioned something like “google gasses” where something “near eye” could display a target (wherever the gun is aimed) to the glasses- maybe using video glasses in some capacity? Perhaps this is something that exists! I’ll drop in soon! THANKS Luminarioum!

Can you point me to a discussion that specifically discusses near eye efforts? (great site— WAY more content than I expected!)

Uff that will be hard,

You got to join and there is library of topics out there. But of course main picture site over there was photobucket. So forum is crippled… Without pictures and with lot of info. But lot of info does not worth as one single good taken picture.

Here is one recently build: www.nightvisionforumuk.com - Login

Cool stuff for sure, and an up-and-coming site that will eventually get there :wink:

I have seen similar projects like your link— but that particular twist (using a reflector) is similar to the red dot sight (which started almost 40 years ago (before the internet). Turns out that few people know the history of the red dot site: but the MAIN thing I LOVE about that story is that the red dot started with sportsmen wanting something better— so they started tinkering with it BEFORE the military. Then years later, military and police started using the first sport models as they worked better than open sites… and were cheap enough.

Today or course, the military red dot stuff is top dollar (and technology)… BUT to me the lesson goes back to the fact it all started (and happened because of)… “a well armed militia of We The People” :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on things over there, but the day I can get a smaller NV headset for my right eye (with a GOOD resolution and head set harness… for under $200) I’m buying it, and TWO UV LED lights (one for the headset and one for the gun- so I always have a view- looking AND shooting). We are getting close, but I can’t find anything quite there except to buy the old military stuff sold off used on eBay which I just don’t like the idea of because I ALWAYS get the dud when I try used— not going to chance it.

If anyone knows of something like this out there today? - let us know!

Which pre-colimator lenses are you using for UF-1503 and Brinyte B158b and how do you mount them? I have searched really hard to find any info on precolimators and mounting.

Why you would want to use UV lights for hunting? I see only one possible way of using them but it is to expensive to make full use of them properly.

Nightvisionforumuk is absolutely same as Budgetlightforum so if you are long time member of BLF and you did not learn to do your own modded stuff is same like being NVFUK member and not learn how to build your own nigth vision stuff.

I can make near eye build for less than 150$ and similar thing in stores costs over 1000$ same as I can make diy addon “nitesite type” NV device for less than 100$ and in stores it costs from 600-1000$ .
Night vision devices have never been cheaper and easier to made than today same like modded flashlight lot of bang for $.

Why you would want to use UV lights for hunting? I see only one possible way of using them but it is to expensive to make full use of them properly.

Uh… I went from “IR” to “UV” in only :beer: :beer: - I’ve always been lexdisic :disappointed:

I of course meant IR… and I clearly need to spend more time over there. Thanks again for the great tip!

Are there any decent Chinese produced night vision options that don’t require modding?

Why you would want to use UV lights for hunting? I see only one possible way of using them but it is to expensive to make full use of them properly.

Uh… I went from “IR” to “UV” in only :beer: :beer: - I’ve always been lexdisic :disappointed:

I of course meant IR… and I clearly need to spend more time over there. Thanks again for the great tip!

NO…You are not wrong… UV lights may be used for blood tracking but thing that is expensive in that story is lumiol fluid which would need to be sprayed over potential field where we expect blood trail.It is only solution that makes blood glow and it looks like this:

Any other “flashlights for blood tracking” that makes blood glow is just marketing trick for poor hunters but this UV light + luminol is real thing.

I wound up going with KaiDomain’s KDlitker C8.2 Single mode