[Welcome!!] Astrolux FT03 Ring-A-Ling Circus Festival*2019

I noticed there’re these weird light rings outside of the spill beam. Wasn’t there when I got the flashlight?? Is that the nature of the FT03?

They were always there.

Mine has it too. I noticed it on some video reviews I watched.

Oh good! Looks like I’m not the only one. Good thing it doesn’t really bother me. I thought it was only my flashlight. :slight_smile: Now I can relax with a good book, a cozy fire and some hot chocolate (most likely beer though). :sunglasses:

It’s a nice way to relax. I’m doing the same thing. LOL

Nice! and that FT03 candle mode…I’m actually using that feature the most. I mean a digital candle! How cool is that! Makes me kinda feel like I in a Star Wars movie. You know, Cyborgs, Advance AI, Worm holes, Princess Leia… :heart_eyes:

LOL Yep it is a pretty sweet light.