Welcome to do a review about XTAR WK30(3 PCS)

Hello guys,

We are looking for someone who knows well about AA flashlight and has ever done reviews for AA flashlights.

Any volunteer? I will wait for your news! Thank you!




I volunteer!

Same here! Count me in!

It's well built and hexagonal shaped. Many color choices, and blue looks very nice if you have the chance to see one in hand. Otherwise the black is also nice being black matte. I have a few review's to do already so i skip this one. :)

No i dont! :P

Count me in if interested.

I played with a blue one before and can be great also for modders who would want to swap the emitter to a neutral one if so desired.

Edit: The sample i fiddled with was leaning toward neutral in stock form if i remember correctly.

On a side note this one comes with a rather fancy handmade lanyard resembling almost a bracelet. Quite different from what we are used to.


C'mon 1 more im withdrawing i already had my piece of cake.

I volunteer too! :)

Looks like there are plenty of Volunteers

Looks like I'm late to this party. :) That's what I get for sleeping.

too late? if not i volunteer too!

I'd be interested in writing a review for this light.

Count me in, if I am not too late.

Me too. Then, I'll raffle it off to a lucky forum member. The only thing is, some that have volunteered are better qualified/equipped than myself. So, if you need someone that almost knows what they are doing, I'm your man.


i think we all volunteer

i just looked on there website there are some good looking lights but i don't see any price for them

i would like to know a bit more about there lights reminds me of FENIX lights are they as good

I know some XTAR flashlights from 1st hand experience. Build quality is far superior to budget brands. I have no fenixes to compare with. Seen a Tk35 a few weeks ago but that cannot be compared to anyhing i own or have played with so far.

I have never reviewed a flashlight befor but I have read a ton of reviews and I know what I am looking for in a flashlight and what is important about a flashlight features versus price and so on.

I would be honored to do my first review on your XStar products!

I volunteer to buy one if a well made review say it is a very good light to have :)

Hello Mr. XTAR,

I would like to review that light, but only if old4570 and Don get one first. They have the possibility to measure Lumen output, which I lack. A review from me would look like this.

Best regards from Germany



here are a lot of volunteers for the review - of course the lights looks awesome. There are 7 nice colors, my favorite is the blue one.

If you want another person, who will test one of them - I have time and I'm glad to this for XTAR.

I have a first question about the light and the voltage:

On the first picture


is written 1,0-3,2V

After the last pic is written down:

1,0~3,5V working voltage.

Which information is correct?

I have a blue one for review which will be given away once I've done the review. My initial impression is that it is something I'd spend my own money on.

I have run it on all the types of (Well I didn't try it on zinc-carbon cells since I didn't want them to leak all over the inside of it) AA sized cells I own and can say it will happily survive two minutes on high with a 14500. I intend to do a runtime on high with a 14500. It is going to be tricky to measure the current draw on this one because of the way it is made, but small lithium cells do sag their voltage like crazy under load so it is quite possible that a 4.2V cell will be 3.5V under load. The review will take a while as there are quite a lot of chemistries of AA cells and I intend to do runtimes on high/med/low on all of them.

I think that 3.2V is a typo meaning 4.2V.

You are a lucky one to be chosen for the review (you are the first who wrote "volunteer", made good review and beamshots - I like the 40m beamshots) and get a blue one. I'm a little bit jealous

It is going to be given away - it does not feel right to me to keep review lights. Once I've reviewed it, it is going to be given away. I'll figure out how to do the giveaway once I've reviewed it.

It has survived two days in my pockets with the large bunch of work keys. I can't see any marks on it yet. I will examine it closely through a 30x magnifying glass to see if I have done any damage to it.

There will be a giveaway thread soon.

It is a blue one.