Welcome to evaluate the first listing of ANEKIM VC30 (P9)

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ANEKIM is the first to introduce a VC30 (P9) flashlight. You are welcome to test our product reviews.

The first 10 samples, we will send é to DHL quickly.

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The purpose of opening this theme is to find reviewers and any comments you have about this flashlight.


· OSRAM P9 LED, maximum output 1050 lumens, strong concentrating performance

·Tail magnetic design, head and tail double spring design, shockproof, anti-drop, anti-attack, easy to use.

· Full-featured: Click very bright, double-click flash, stepless dimming, low voltage warning, USB portable charging, intelligent temperature control.

· Convenient and easy to use Micro USB charging port design, charging current up to 1A, charging faster. The charging port increases the protective cover, effectively dustproof.

· Anti-reverse design to prevent battery damage against circuit and LED.

·Air-grade aluminum alloy material, military grade oxidation treatment, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant more sturdy.

·Integrated barrel design for more efficient heat dissipation


·Model: VC30 (P9)

·Working voltage: 2.65V - 4.2V

·Compatible battery: 1x18650 rechargeable battery

· Beam distance: 245M

· Peak beam intensity: 10008cd

·Reflecting cup: smooth cup

·Switch type: side push switch

· Size: 126mm (length) x 25mm (tube diameter) x 25.5mm (head diameter)

· Weight: 96 grams (without battery)

·Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy, military grade oxidation treatment.

· Waterproof: IPX8,

·Lens: tempered glass, scratch resistant

·Accessories: USB charging cable, O-ring x2, hand strap x1, holding clip

Could you post a photo of the LED and give the complete data on it (model, CCT, CRI)? I can only find COB LEDs when searching for “Osram P9”.

The picture above is the OSRAM P9 LED from the German OSRAM brand. :smiley:

According to their website, the new Wuben E10 also has an Osram P9 led.

This one?

hello, some more info or test/review of this flashlight?

Amazon says promotion has ended?

AliExpress has this link. Description

on Banggood description is mentioned Osram P9 and Cree xp-hi v3 led. Whats the true? somebody use/bought this light?

I don’t know.

Can anybody chime in?

I received the light today. The quality is horrible. The inner spring is already flattened. And because of this, the lamp didn’t turn on with a flathead battery. With a button top battery the light is fluctuating, and after a little knock on the body, the light turns off… The front glass is wobbling, its not possible to properly tighten down. The switch have a very bad clicking move. No memory mode… No dedicated turbo mode. You can switch only one mode to another around. Not recommended. I’m goint to start an RMA process at Gearbest. :frowning: