Well I Finally Found A Great Deal On A Sunwayman V60C

It looks like the wait on this one finally paid off. As you guys know I have been wanting want of these for awhile since 2100 put a post on here about it. Well my wait is over. I seen the thread that was put on here about a great buy on the V60C from a nice member we have here. I sure want to thank gen1.3_ for sharing this with me. Another reason why I love you guys! LOL! But here's the link to the light. And I used the $20 off coupon code in the other thread that was mentioned. Thanks again buddy! I had some dino-points and after checking the .99 return fee box in case I wish to return it, the light cost me $98.50 total. That is as good of buy as you will see.


Here's the coupon code to save $20.

Coupon code: ddchristmasus03

I'm pumped! Thanks again for providing the link.

You’re welcome ILIKE! I myself like sharing great deals with all of you guys.

You mean you guys missed out on it when it was originally posted in the DD deals thread back in early December? Look how many days you missed out on playing with this sweet light!

Well I was broke then. But I'm catching up now. I spent way too much just this past week.

Good deal, how long does DD take to ship to the US usually?

I ordered a V60C from DD on 12/20/2011

shipped on 12/27/2011

received on 1/10/2012 21 days from the day I ordered to Southern California.

Very pleased with the shipping time. Charging batteries as I type. V60C looks perfect!!!!

That is not too bad, I'm in Southern Cali too so I think I might go for it. Thanks!

Thanks gen1.3_ I never saw this one on there. I have 2 Gift cards that add up to $60 and the $20 off of a $100 it will be mine for $41.69 SWEET!!!!

EDIT: Is that new charging base out yet? Is it on DD? Thanks in advance...

Unfortunately, you can only redeem one gift card per order. You can use a coupon and a gift card, but there's no way to use two gift cards at once.

Don't these lights use a charging base? I don't know if you checked or not but this deal doesn't come with the base. Still it's a good deal. You can buy a charging base from Battery junction for $35.

ILIKE. You are a crazy man you know. I have noticed you still don't have a TK41 and I'm asking just what this light will do that a TK41 won't do. I'm not giving up on you man until your collection has two of the best lights out there that you are missing. You have a hole in your collection that will not be plugged until you buy a TK41 and a Shiningbeam Blaze. Then I will start working on you getting a Shiningbeam S-mini with the XP-G. I know there is still hope for you bud and I'm not giving up.

All good things come to those that wait. The Sunwayman T40CS is next. Then I will think about the TK41 eventually.

I know you can only use one card at a time but I cancelled a $50 order that I yesterday and I had a $10 card and they said they would send me a $60 card and the $50 was a gift card also.

Or Manafont, also $35 but with free international shipping.

It has been discussed some time ago, it's general opinion that for the life of cells it's better to remove them and charge one by one (e.g. alltogether but in a charger with separate slots) due to balancing issues.

The V60C dedicated charger is just charging them 3S but not balancing.

It could be a nice option to have, for example, as an in-car charger.

yeah I wouldn't use the charger so I am not buying one..pretty cool to have the option though..I love this light but wish there was an isolation tailcap to cover the contacts at the rear..shorting these contacts wouldn't be a good thing..

It should not be that hard to make an insulation on the center contact. From the pics it's well recessed, so any liquid rubber/vinil/epoxy could be poured into. Plastidip for example. Or any epoxy resin/glue.

Obviously only if you plan on never ever wanting to use the charger. Removing hardened epoxy can be pain in the a@@...

At least, this is what I plan to do with mine when it will arrive.

By the way, @ ILIKEFLASHLIGHT have I ever told you I hate you?? LOL!!

yeah good idea..I was thinking on trying to find a plug for the centre contact and i'm sure I could find something somewhere..if all else fails then it could be poured shut with something..

No not until now. LOL!