Well my hd2010 is on the way from tmart

i am a bit scared since i never ordered from them before.i also ordered there trustfire flames 2400 are they ok batts? my ultrafires suck

It’s best on 26650 cells. These seem to be what everyone’s using.


Or 26650 trustfire flames. It’ll run on what you’ve ordered, just not for long and not at full potential.

yeah i ordeed a 26650 but i dont have a 26650 charger yet

Here is a good charger to start with :slight_smile:

Sysmax/NiteCore i2 Charger Big thanks to HKJ for his damn awesome reviews!

I am still waiting for my HD2010 from Tmart… shipped on October 16 from NY… Customer service tells me to wait… :frowning:

Probably held up in customs. :frowning:

Hopefully! Past the 30 day mark ill start to be more nervous!

I had a light (my DRY at the time) once sit in NY customs for almost 5 weeks.

i hope i get mine friday i have new rims and brake calipers for my bike comeing to

Yeah, I don’t have a 26650 charger either. Here is what I did.

Too bad Tmart doesn’t have the Flames, They do have the blues though. (not as good, but better than 18650’s)

I ordered a HD2010 as well. It said it ships from US But it hasn’t shipped out yet. That was the only reason I ordered it from them. If they ship it from China on a slow boat, I will be hot.

I bought my trustfire flames ffrom tmart i hope they are real. i just got the tracking number for my 2010 and a small cr123 light and 26650 battery

With my order, the tracking number they first provided did not work, CS sent me the right one. Only show’s: SCANNED AT DEPOT - JFK 10/16/2012 17:03:00

Starting to get scared it says it has been tendered to the usps since yesterday its been 1 week since i ordered it i ordered it from tmart .but ordered many things from amazon after the tmart order and the amazon stuff got here first.i hope my light and batts are not lost

My tracking got updated…

CLEARED CUSTOMS 10/22/2012 10:36:00
FLOWN AS BOOKED 10/19/2012 22:55:00
SCANNED AT DEPOT - JFK 10/16/2012 17:03:00

Still no package. Usually it take 2 days max when it cross the border to get home.

Think im going to stick with amazon for now on.At least you know when you will get it.i have prime so most stuff gets here in 2 days

On a side note, my last order from intl-outdoor in HK took 5 days to cross the globe, no news from the one 6 hours drive away lol

hect one time i ordered a camera and it ws on my door step a hour latter. i still cant figure that one out

LOL!! WTH is your real name? Wiley Coyote?? Where did you order from, Acme? :smiley:

lol nah it was from circuit city. .