What 26650's to use in Series?

I already have some KingKong INR 26650’s, I bought 2 of them as I was lead to believe they are safer than ICR to run in series.

However Int’l Outdoor store doesn’t seem to list them anymore. And I now need to run 3 x 26650’s in series.

Anyone either know where I can still get the INR’s from, or have any other recommendation for running in series?

I’m less keen to run regular ICR’s if I’m honest.

trustfire flames are not too bad in 26650 flavour but I have found them to be a little long in one host I have.

there are the keeppower and enerpower cells, but be prepared to pay the premium on those.

Are they all ICR’s though?

I’m just a little wary of running them in series, especially as I need 3.

You can savely use Enerpower 26650 in Series. They are protected and made in Germany. They have a very high capacity and the Voltage stays very high under load.


Or the shop of the manufacturer:


If your order flat-top KK ICR's from FastTech they will most likely send you INR's as they did to me twice. (See this thread.) It appears they ship INR's for flat-top and ICR for the button-top. You'd just have to carefully add a solder blob to the top of the cells.


I saw these cheap but shipping charges is a mystery.


So what’s actually happened to the INR’s?

I would personally prefer to run protected cells in series, which is going to mean icr chemistry simply because inr cells are not sold with protection circuits generally.

safer chemistry is not going to help with reverse charging, which is the main worry with series wired cells.

The enerpower cells are supposed to be extremely good, I definitely want some at some point, they have 7 ish amp protection circuits and a ce mark. you do pay the price though.

I have 4 MNKE I run in series. I just keep an eye on voltage and always balance charge them. I have 4 Keeppower but they are like 70mm long and will not fit what I needed.

So nobody knows what’s up with the INR cells then? Seems you can’t get them any longer :frowning:

Still not keen running 3 ICR’s in series, protected or not. Are there any other IMR ones available?

You can always use a sleeve and run 18650’s which is what I did. Only have 1 light that uses 3 x 26650 and couldn’t justify the expense for 1 light.



Only 11 left in stock, $14.99