What about cima fixed knives?

Somebody has experience with cima fixed knives?

I wouldn’t waste money on them personally. They look really thin.

I have some that are being sent to me… So I’ll have a couple of reviews up in a few weeks hopefully. I’ll put them through some work and see how they perform.

Those review would be really interesting. I do not see thin those blades. Fornexample the full flat ground of 22$ is 4.5 mm of thickess.
They use cheap 3cr13mov, medium 7cr something and d2 (very expensive)

7cr is very cheap and brittle steel.

They also use 9cr steel too.

I like the 9cr steel specially. The 7cr17mov is the steel used by tekut and it is not a specially cheap brand:


The cheaper cimas use 3cr13 steel that it is a good steel for water but i suppose it is a very bad steel for using.

Cimas with 9cr18mov can be a good deal, perhaps 37$ are a bit expensive because good quality folders with that steel are cheaper.

Yes, there is a 22$ 9cr18mov cima but i do not like the design.