What about this budget 1x18650 headlamp from WB?


I have a similar but different 1x14500 headlamp I got really cheap that is actually a decent headlamp for what it is. Zooming asperic so it is ringy and blueish tint but very comfy to wear and compact.

If anyone has it, does it take a p-60 size lens? If so, there is a mod to make it more floody and less ringy.

Rather than taking the risk, I think I would put that money toward a real Spark.

30-40% off sale at SBFlashlights makes them semi-affordable.


Not sure I’d want a lithium cell sitting on my head. :open_mouth:

Thanks. I got the ST6-280ow for $49 shipped. Seems like a deal. I hear the reflector can be removed to make it pure flood which is what I want.