What Are My 18650 Options For Better Performance.

The Fenix LR40R comes with a battery pack consisting of four 18650 3K mAh Fenix batteries, for a total of 12K mAh’s. A spare pack will cost $90 plus shipping: https://www.fenixtactical.com/fenix-arb-l37-12000.html

I want to buy four 18650 batteries for back up. It is my understanding that I need protected button top batteries. I would like longer run times and higher output vs the factory pack. I am thinking a 3500 mAh battery, to boost it up to 14K mAh’s total.

Which 18650 batteries should I get?

Fenix is doing y’all dirty with their proprietary packs for $90. They probably cost less than $15-$20 to put make. They’re even worse than olight charging than $27 for a 21700.

You should get Sanyo’s 3500mAh NCR 18650GA. They’re the best high capacity 18650s cells on the market.

You’ll have to wire them 2S/2P. I don’t know how fenix keeps them protected when charging so it may be a bit risky.

The LR40R does not appear to require the battery pack - it will work on 4x18650 as well. In fact, the store you linked to sells it in a bundle with 4 of Fenix’s ARB-L18-3500 batteries and ARE-A4 Charger. They’re pretty good batteries, but you can do much better than $22 each!

Thank you for the replies. I found Liion Wholesale has the Sanyo relabeled with their name on it. Protected 3500mAh 10A 18650 Button Top Battery (Panasonic/Sanyo NCR186 – Liion Wholesale Batteries

I bought those protected 18650ga’s from lionwholesale, they have good customer service. I don’t know enough to comment about the protection circuits- I’d be interested to know if lionwholesale does their own circuit in-house & how it compares to the competition. They at least list some info about it on their site.

You can get the Sanyo batteries at imrbatteries.com they are $6.99 u.s. dollars. If I have your location in CA, USA you shouldn’t have a problem. I ordered from them before, and it was a good experience.

Thank you! Yes, I am in California, and $6.99 is the best price I have heard of for that particular Sanyo.

I contacted Liion Wholesale, and they recommended I use an unprotected button top battery. I am happy to hear this, because unprotected has higher capacities for longer run times, and should increase the torches brightness a bit. Liion was out of stock, so I will check out imrbatteries. Cheers!

You can check out https://www.illumn.com/batteries-chargers-and-powerpax-carriers/18650-sanyo-ncr18650ga-3500mah-high-discharge-button-top.html , they’re from san jose. Compare between the two and see sometimes shipping/tax will make the difference depending on how much you’re buying.

I noticed that imrbatteries Sanyo NCR18650GA says they are 3450 mAh instead of 3500 mAh.

Also, imrbatteries put this notice: “Please note this is an original flat top Sanyo NCR18650GA 18650 cell with an added button top by a third party manufacturer and and is longer than a standard flat top 18650 battery. This cell has an additional outer wrapper and insulator which must not to be removed.”

Should I be concerned about the third party adding a button top, and about the 3450 mAh’s. I know it’s only different by 50 mAh, but why is it different at all. That is my worry.

As far as I know, a third party always adds the button top.

The original manufacturer doesn't do that.

I wouldn't worry about the 50 mAh.

Thank you! It doesn’t say if they are protected, or not. I want to get unprotected. I will call them in the morning.

Excellent to know about button tops being a third party thing. Thank you!

I have a lr40r and the 4x18650 wont work the “turbo” mode. I tried 4 × 3500mAh Protected 18650 Battery Li-ion 3.7V Rechargeable Orbtronic 10A Dual Protection (Panasonic-Sanyo inside) ORB3500P For High Performance Flashlights. unfortunately I think the arb-l37-12000 pack may be the only option but if I’m wrong I would like to know what works