What are some uses for an IR flashlight?

Well, I bought an IR P-60 drop-in but I don’t have any night vision gear. What can I do with it without night vision gear?

Also, what is a good but cheap IR Night vision goggle to use with an IR flashlight?

Does your cell phone camera pick up that wavelength? I know they use IR on some security cameras and such to illuminate without being obvious.

Good and cheap do not go together with night vision gear. Avoid the GEN1 and Russian stuff… If you have between $500 and $5000 burning a hole in your pocket, I can fix you up.

I don’t know. It’s an IPhone 4. My brother used to have a IR video camera that somehow projected it’s own IR beam. It was night vision and a camera. I think he paid like $300 for it back in the 1990s. Today, there are probably IR devices that fit in your pocket and cost $50 but I am not aware of night vision tech like I am flashlights.

to test to see if your camera picks up IR, turn on your camera, take a tv remote and aim it at your camera and push a button. if the camera picks up a flash from the remote, it can pick up IR light
i can make a video to see what im talking about if you would like

could you use it to attract bees?
not sure what practical use this would be to you however

Nope, bees see UV… not IR.

i just looked it up, you are correct of course, i now know they see red as black, and white as blue-green

is there a chart like this for 100 CRI?