What are th best cheap AAA nimh LSD+s out there?

With a ton of junk around it's not an easy task to find decent ones?

Better stick with eneloops or camellion or there are decent ones out there for a dime?

Im a fan of the Turnigy brand from HobbyKing. Their AAs have proved to be very good giving me a true 2200mA at 1A. I havent done my own testing of the AAAs, but their reported to give 800mA.

Just need to work out if shipping is reasonable enough for you.

For me

AA http://www.dealextreme.com/p/gsyuasa-enitime-pre-charged-2000mah-1-2v-rechargeable-nimh-aa-batteries-4-pack-19277?r=43033281

AAA http://www.dealextreme.com/p/gsyuasa-enitime-pre-charged-750mah-1-2v-rechargeable-nimh-aaa-batteries-4-pack-19278?r=43033281

Obviously, eneloop are better

This won't help you budgeteer, but for any of the US members out there, you can go the Rayovac facebook page and print out a $3 off rechargeable batteries coupon and then just go buy the Rayovac Platinum LSD's from any retailer that carries them. Should be about $7 for a four pack after the coupon. There's a two coupon limit, but then they renew the coupon every couple months so you can buy a couple of packs now and then go back a couple months later and print off two more coupons and get some more.

Yeah, the Rayovac aren't quite as good as the Eneloops but they are close and with the coupon, the cost to value ratio ends up being much better than the eneloops.

Well on second tought it might come handy, even if in us.

I have got 5 pcs AAA Turnigy http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=10899

I am very happy with them... I measured them with Maha c-9000 and all of them are about 800 mah

The price is very reasonable and definitely I will buy more...

Battery Superstore (also available through Amazon): http://battery-superstore.com/

has tenergy low self-discharge AAA batteries for under $1/battery. The problem is the exhorbitant shipping costs. If you buy a lot, it can be a good deal. For example, if you get the 24 set (6 packs of 4), then with shipping it's just $1.18/battery. Note: Search for low self-discharge to find these. If you click through the various categories, you may not find them.

I'm not sure about the tenergy brand. They have some decent reviews on Amazon, but I suspect that there's some shilling going on with some of Amazon's reviews.

Seems like a nice deal. postage sux however. at 7usd worth of cells(10 pack) 5,99 usd for postage alone (120g)...

Actually from what I've seen, AAA Eneloops are usually fairly affordable. It's the AA size Eneloops that are quite a bit more pricey.

Just get eneloops from ebay.de (one of the german sellers). They get them in bulk then sell them to end buyers...

but you also got new eneloops too..

I buy price but here in never neverland we are highly blessed with many resources . i find the AAA's harder to buy ..Ebay or the local flea market had durloops cheap too .I'm flush i won't bore you with price.

Hey Boaz, do you use google translate from english to ancient greek and back to english when posting? XD

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Yeah i agree shopping for AAA's is much harder than AA's.

Lol, yes, Boaz is known for his fever induced ancient Greek-style English ramblings. Sometimes it is almost like a riddle game. So far I was able to decipher most of his more challenging posts... I think. He doesn't go easy on metaphors. It's better than Sudoku ... and sometimes harder. ;-) ( at least for people that don't speak English as their 1st language)

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Just noticed that they're also available at Battery Junction: http://www.batteryjunction.com/tenergy-10406.html