What are the best lights for a Car Glovebox?

I have a few really nice lights, but I want to know what are considered the best lights to be kept long term (possibly 6 months to a year without being touched) in a car glove box? It doesn’t have to be super bright, just good in all emergency situations. Thanks in advance.

I would get a light that accepts CR123a primaries. They are good for long-term storage and handle a range of temperatures better.

It depends on how beat up you want them to get, and also it depends on your budget. My lights that are at the other end of the spectrum from being the nicest, are what I toss into my car.

I’d go with something that can run on CR123a batteries. They are a lot more reliable for long term storage when the temperatures are swinging to extremes, such as in the glove box of a car.

I keep a Sofirn SP32Av2 in my car. The light is inexpensive and its buck driver works well with two CR123a cells. I typically also have some kind of EDC light in my pocket as well.

I standardized on a 2 cell AA light (Sofirn SF13) and a AA headlamp (Manker E03). Have Enloops in them which I rotate every 6 months and also 6 lithium primaries in the same container in case I need spare batteries.

I think everyone should have a headlamp in their car because many times both hands are needed to do something like changing tires.

I’d suggest a Skilhunt H03 with 2x CR123A (lithium primary) batteries in it.

EVERYBODY should have a Head light. Plus mid range thrower with spread.

In and around car. any of the AAAA/AA sized Astrolux AOL
Jetbeam Jet-1 MK etc, will do job.

Headlight for walkabout from shoes forwads.
With the other for looking around when ranging.Out to 100m or so.

Over that range. Headlight for practicality,
Then have a proper torch with decent strength and throw.
C8+ up myself.

Any decent light that takes ’123s would be perfect. Eg, a SP32Av2 that takes a pair, Jet-II which takes one. Consider stick-on diffusion film, because when changing a tire, you don’t want a narrow bright hotspot, ’cause then it’d be like using a laser-pointer for illumination.

NiMH is also a good choice, as eneloops are low self-discharge, so a 2×AA light (SF13?) would work nicely, too.

A headlamp is almost a must-have item, too. Again, diffusion film in case the hotspot is too narrow. Don’t have any myself, but I think Skilhunt is highly-rated for AA-based headlamps.

’Though one thing to consider would be something like a stick-on worklight, like a (Nitefox) UW360. They’re 18650-based, so I wouldn’t necessarily keep it in a glovebox with in-car temperature extremes, but it’s a good carry-with light anyway. [review] Nitefox UW360

I used to keep a PD35tac in each car that had a usb chargeable battery. Plenty bright when I had to fix a tire blowout.

Now I keep bigger lights like the FT03 or Fenix TK75. I think the option of recharging with USB is important.

Headlight that runs on AA battery would be my pick, with the battery stored alongside it in case it leaks. I think handsfree lighting would be a priority if looking in the engine bay at night or changing a tyre.

I keep an old Fenix P2D Premium Q5 which uses a 123a cell. It’s lasted for many years and came in handy on a number of situations. I keep a headband with a small elastic tube on the side to make it into a headlamp.

Which holds a charge better, lithium primaries or NIMH?

Lithium primaries keep their charge for some 10 years or more.
I don’t think NiMH can do that.
(but i haven’t seen any tests)

I'd say Li primaries although NiMH don't have as much voltage sag and if you check them monthly, they should be ready.

I have a multipurpose COB & reflector light w/magnet that uses 3*AA, a budget rechargeable headlamp (Boruit?) with an 18650 and a Nebo Blast with 6*AA. AAs are Li primaries.




The Nebo is a blast with 1400 lm on primaries. Variable beam depending on situation.

I like my Nebo Big Larry (3xAA) which is a work light, bright enough, has a “red flash” mode, and a magnet base (so hands free around the car)

I can’t say I use it very often, so I keep the alkaleaks out of it (still around in the glove box of course)

The newer Big Larry 2 has more features for the same price.

Hey folks, I often think about these things so I will chime in.

At the moment, I have the Little Larry Nebo in the glove box. A budget friendly Sofirn |SF14 with usb 1400 rechargeable in the middle console, and an old lantern style 6v very bright light in the trunk. So I feel fairly confident that I am as prepared as possible for the average dark encounter.

I bought the Nebo with this use in mind and also got one for the wifey car;

  • It can either take 2 or 3 AAA’s because you can remove the extension tube
    -it has a strong magnet so you can change a tire hands free because it is a side facing COB LED
    -it has a red strobe mode to simulate a flare for emergencies.
    -just has the oem Alkies it came with now but will eventually put in some rechargeables.

You have to think of redundancy because you know Murphy’s Law will find your batteries dead when your all alone in the middle of no where at 2 am broke down or helping someone else. . :disappointed:

there is no “best”… depends on your priorities
however, the longest lasting most heat and cold stable batteries are Lithium Primaries

they are available in AAA, AA, and CR123… so pick a light whose UI, LED, and output, suits your preferences,
And that uses ONE of those Single batteries. (I do not recommend dual battery lights, for safety reasons)

CR123A would be the cell, for sure
don;t get a double
one is enough

the thing is, i only consider that i need the car light when i am IN the car
like looking for something on the floor or reading a CD, in the dark

if i get OUT of the car, then i always have a pocket EDC like FW3A, usually
so the car light does not need to do all that much—it just saves pocket fumbling when trying to drive


> lights to be kept long term (possibly 6 months to a year without being touched)

this is what I consider best, for a readily available off the shelf host
Jetbeam RRT-01

If I wanted to keep it without being touched, it would be loaded with CR123 primary, and a spare CR123 in a container such as this.

or this

or this

same here
AAA Tool loaded w eneloop in my car
CR123/16340/18350 RRT-01 in my pocket

but OP may not realize he has entered that slippery slope, yet :slight_smile:

these things are super cheap, small and have 3 modes
$2.74 w free shipping – on aliexpress