What are XM-L T6 lights available on AA / 14500 ?

What are XM-L T6 light available with AA / 14500 ?


Balder SE-1 can use both AA and 14500 and the Low is very Low and is only $23 for CW and $25 NW

The only other AA/14500 light I know is the Jetbeam PA10 that cost $69


Funny since he was organizing a group buy for the Xeno E03 just about several days ago.

Sorry for being a complete noob here, but what is the difference between the CW and NW version of the LED? Is it worth the $2 upgrade to get NW? Guessing color balance?

Correct, its the color of the LED CW= Cold White, NW= Neutral White, if its worth the extra $2 is up to you, CW is more blueish...

Ratpie try this link

Some people like NW as it's not as harsh as CW outside but give less Lumens.

Here is a better link

CW can be very white, especially if you don't see any other light source to compare it, or don't own many flashlights.

Also NW can be slightly cream or orange, but not necessarily.

NW don't give less lumen if the efficiency bin is the same, eg XM-L T6 1A (CW), XM-L T6 3C (NW). However visually, bluish lights tend to look brighter.

Thank you :) I don't like lights that are too cold, so probably NW would be the way to go for me.

nothing funny about it.

luckily you told me , else I had forgotten...

any way to the subject. I feel AA / AAA batteries are most versatile batteries.

if i have to gift a light with Li-ion batteries then you need give charger & batteries & caution about the battery.

So now I am favouring AA / AAA XM-L lights.


xml & AA/14500:

Quark X aa

I notice the same thing. I see what you're saying to...

I took it to mean that he wanted to know about All AA/14500 XM-L lights....for comparison.

yeah, i thought of that after i posted

yes right..I wanted to know all AA XM-L lights. thank god some got my point. Thanks.

Exactly my disposition on flashlight choice. Anymore now I tend to favor AA/14500 because of versatility. Too bad the common step up from AA is C size, and that's just not too practical for the common flashlight.

I often think its amazing that there is not an Alkaline or NiMH cell the size of an 18650. That would be the sweet size for so many lights.

there is

One 4/3 AF 4200 mAh

Also, the new Sunwayman V10A. It's expensive, but it can run on high with a 14500 without overheating, and it has infinitely variable brightness control.