What are you getting for 11/11/2019?

11/11 is Single's Day in China, and for us online shoppers, they celebrate with a bunch of sales.

I don't plan on getting any flashlights, but there are things that I will order.

I think I will get a KZ ES4, a KZ ZS7, and cables for those IEM's.

I might also get a NEXTOOL 16 in 1 multi-tool.

All of my items will be from AliExpress.

What are you getting?

The KZ ZS7 headphones look great I think a may pick up a pair. What kind of deal do you expect to get?

Im definitely picking up the new Astrolux HL01.

Honestly, not much of a discount.

It'll probably be the lowest price of the year by a dollar or two.

The ZS7 is great for bassheads, and I love bass.

I lost my singularity some 35yr ago. Shortly followed by some of my dreams.

It would make me happy if everything that’s in the mail atm actually arrives.
In particular the Yootoo SD2 (bring out the old soldering iron hè-hè).

Definitely a FT01 xhp50.2 for my Dad to replace his Stinger LED. Probably pick up a drop in for a project light. I’ve been looking at work lights as well.

Vapcell 14500 1000 mAh for $6.8/pair
Some compact AA zoomie, I’m not yet sure which one. 21 mm head diameter is the limit, I’d prefer less.
Trustfire MINI3 if I find a good deal. So far I see none and the cheapest offer had its price increased. :frowning:

I’m not sure, I feel tempted to order SME R218 (also known as Yaoming YM-8153) but the twisty zoom and tiny battery for the host size are drawing me away. Also, FT has not announced yet what kind of dicount we’ll see.

A new windshield for my big van.
Paid for out of pocket.
Crack courtesy of PennDot with the Chip and Tar road treatment :slight_smile:

No specials for me this year.

There’s a guy here, I drive by his place every so often which is just down the road from a highway garage, he has an 16x4’ sign (two sheets of plywood) on which he’s painted ODOT SUCKS and keeps it fresh year round.

Maybe not killdozer but I’ll give the guy props.

I am getting these two, and will limit myself to these. For the moment, I feel like I own enough Sofirn’s, and I want to try a Convoy, and Astrolux. Got to stick to my tight budget and keep self control LOL.

Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 6000-6500K in green.
Convoy C8+ with luminus sst40


$9.52 DEKO Precision Screwdriver Set or $8.61 Wiha Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits

$7.34 Men’s genuine leather belt

Old good $14.99 Sofirn SP32

$1.76 Quick Magnetic Shoelaces

$25.99 NW LUMINTOP GT micro

$9.19 RFID Protection 100% Genuine Leather Wallet

Maybe I will get:
$21.29 Baseus D02 Bluetooth Headphone or $37.39 Ausdom ANC7S Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

$30.59 LUMINTOP GT Mini

And something to keep nights warm $7.98 Mesh See Through Chemise Nightdress :wink:

BLF A6, perhaps using the AC18 coupon - $14 or so.
The Folomov or Nitecore magnetic charger to carry in my laptop bag.
A bunch of little crap that has been on my wishlist - USB “”toothbrush” lamp”:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000110471789.html?spm=a2g0o.home.s_00008.3.650c3b27Wn2Iqe , tap & die kit, USB Volt-Ammeter, 25 mm optics, etc.
Possibly a budget thrower or get into home automation in a modest way.
Waiting til 11/11 so I won’t buy stuff til then. Got a Yootoo SD3, another S2+, and an SC32V2 on the way.

That stinks. I hate chip and tar roads. They take a long time to normalize so that your car isn’t getting all chewed up by stones and especially if they dont vacuum the excess off the road regularly until it’s done shedding.

Less than five and a half hours until 11/11 for AliExpress!

No 11/11 specials for me. I’m still waiting for the $39.99 blf q8 I ordered from banggood on 10/31 to ship.

I did order two new replacement motors for my ryobi 18v circular saw from us sellers (replacement and spare) to replace the motor that burned out cutting 8/4 ambrosia oak to make a cane.

SP33 V3

Free Veterans Day lunch(s) @ Applebee’s, and some free Texas Roadhouse steak
after some free Veterans Day coffee @Starbucks, and a free car wash.

& mabbe some Rolaids.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone!

Sofirn SP36 BLF
Convoy M3 4200k
Lumintop EDC05

and some new batteries to run them


Thanks to Price Archive” I spotted how my Vapcell promo is a fake one. $6 in September and most of the time in general but $6.8 on 11.11.
Price Archive shows the price of a single cell and $6.8 is for a pair.