What are you listening right now ?

Well since my library is getting old i need some new songs, so the idea … :stuck_out_tongue:

depeche mode - it’s no good

Muse -My time is running out

Sort of bump :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm listening to mc chris' 2014 album, foreverrr.

If you're new to mc chris, listen to his albums in chronological order.

Ok rammstein - ohne dich, pause, looking out for some “mc chris” :slight_smile:
Damn do anyone knows how to make YouTube app work in background in Android? I want to listen and still read around here, but when i quit YouTube it pause, and i cant make it work in background. Any idea ?

Check out "Fett's Vette" from his first album. If you don't like that, you might not like mc chris. ;)

Architects - Alpha Omega >)

At this moment I'm listening to Yes's first album (1969). The cut playing right now is "Looking Around"

Yep, I'm a classic / prog rock freak.....

Its kinda strange but i like a lot of different kind of music, i can surprise my self some time :stuck_out_tongue:
For example i need only some sec to adopt from Rammstain to mc chris foreverrr, i find it ok to listen and read here, problem is stupid YouTube app behavior on android phone |(
Lol, mc chris hoodie ninja that was funn hahaah

There is an app to to fix that… I’ve seen wifey do it.

But there is also thepiratebay.se for real solutions…

Ain't that the truth.

kickass.to is also pretty good

Pandora FTW!!

Pandora + Pandora Patcher seems like exactly what you need.

Hahaha I’m glad to see some fellow PB’ers here.

Pandora is not available in my country… maybe i can find it outside the store, still if i find a way to make YouTube work in background that will be best solution for me.
Also what is wifey is an app is store or something? I can’t find it.

"Wifey" is wdkingery's wife, the person he is married to. :D

Try this app, it seems it’s exactly what you’re looking for.


Are you rooted? You can install Pandora Patcher if you’re rooted and bypass the region restriction.

ryansoh3 my phone is not rooted, and i do not want to experiment with it, its new and expensive for me :stuck_out_tongue: but, But, BUT your suggestion about pvstar or whatever is called is doing the trick. a big THANK YOU!

Glad it worked. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your music!

sepultura Murder

I’m listening now…

she can't change me ...