What are you looking for and not finding?

What are you looking for in a flashlight and not easily finding? It doesn't have to be something exotic.

It could be the usual culprits...memory/no memory or strobe/no strobe or clip/no clip or not enough throw/lumen or not small enough or whatever.

Not enough cloice in tints? Mode order?

If you already have quite a few lights and don't buy every light that you see what is it that catches your eye?

I don't think I really have something I'm looking for at the moment but I guess I would have more interest in small lights with no clip, no memory, no strobe in the order of l/m/h with a momentary switch (forward clicky) and no sharp edges.

I don't even really need one of those however.

What are some of you currently looking for?

Maybe the nonavailability of small flashlights using a single 18350.

A very floody light with lots of lumen.

Easy to find a powerful light, but they are all throwers!

I'm looking for the time and motivation to build some lights to my specs .. Waiting for them to make them at a reasonable price is futile .

Does a piece of diffusion film over/behind the lens not give you what you are looking for? (too much flood/not enough?)

Not so much a complaint on lights but dealers, how about shipping from China that doesn't take 4-6 weeks? (granted I have only ordered from DX before and I have read other dealers will actually ship to your door within two weeks, sometimes even within the week) I do really want a SK68 with a three mode driver or a single cell alkaline (0.7 to 1.5) driver like the AK 007 that isn't so thick/dual layer. I need to do some measuring to see if I can fit a AK 007 in a SK68.

Thisismable, how fast is shipping within China?

Yes, but it has its drawbacks to put tape, diffuser etc in front of the lens: Less light!

What I seek is a light with the led and reflector optimized for flood. Maybe a shallow,

wide OP reflector and a xml will do the trick, but I have never seen that anywhere.

For the moment Im directed to a 3 x xml ( sheer volume of light means a lot of flood),

or a Uniguefire UF-2100 (floody due to shallow reflector)

Steel made 1AA or 1AAA cute or aesthetically pleasing flashlights with neutral emitters decent ui and fair output.

Funny how thing turned out to be. When XM-L first appeared, man, people were running from it. Two floody, no throw, XP-G R5 is better, and all that.

Nowdays, which thrower hasn't got the XM-L led? SST-50 is buried, P7 and MC-E are the same.

the 2100 is floody … I’m not a fan of the light the body is sort of cheap feeling like the yezl z1 .

Solid copper hosts 18650 / 26650 size.

A large-diameter host with appropriate reflectors/aspheric optics available for DIY modding. Also, budget coated AR lenses from Manafont! I've never ordered from KD and would prefer to order from my favorite vendors...

Why not make your own??

Copper? Way too heavy and prone to oxydizing very quickly. Covering it with acrylic transparent paint is counterproductive. Also the benefits over copper are few.

Smooth P-60 reflectors w/ small opening for Cree XR-E DIY builds.
NANJG-18 drivers, (KD & DX are sold-out or discontinued), I want to build some P-60 hosted laser drop-ins. Can't find either of them anywhere.

Any answers appreciated.


i wish someone would make a light like the Jetbeam BA10/ Klarus P1A with a neutral XPG. single AA, simple interface, two modes, clip, not too floody or throwy, 4500-5000K, in the neighborhood of $35.

As an aside, I'm finding lately that I'm using/liking a single AA with one mode more than I thought I would. I don't want all my lights single mode but sometimes it's just simpler.

I always prefer single mode for dedicated throwers but sometimes I'll carry a general purpose single AA that I'll only use for a minute at a time so a 100 lumen quick burst is fine. Especially if the light has a momentary switch (which I prefer).

It's small. I press a button and get light. Simple:)

I'm sure the light I want exists, just haven't ran across it yet (maybe one of you can suggest one). I used to have a Leatherman Monarch 500 3xAAA in stainless steel (see pic). Unfortunately one of my kids lost it (arrrgh!). And if you Google the "current" Monarch 500 it is a totally different light that I don't like or want. There were a few things I loved about that light. One, the use of 3xAAA, because I often will let my wife or some friends borrow a light when we are camping and I don't like letting them use my high-powered lights that use rechargeable batteries. Why? One is the heat when used for a long time, the other is the fact that they have no concept of not running a rechargeable cell too low on voltage. Now this light had an older CREE that was rated at 150 lumens. Well the LED and reflector must have been matched perfectly because it was a GREAT thrower for being only 150 lumens. And it was a forward-clicky single mode, which is also great for a loaner light for the wife. I also liked the fact that it had a smooth body so it was comfortable in the pocket.

So... looking for something similar. Does not have to be stainless steel (man that was a heavy light). It can certainly be brighter than 150 lumens, but I don't want it to get so hot that the wife won't want to use it on a long walk.

Suggestions are welcome.

Below is the light I was talking about...

I'm sure you can find something similar on DX using a XR-E. Any XR-E will throw well.

If you can use a single AA light (that can use 14500 as well) using a XR-E I have and can recommend an Ultrafire BJ08A. I got mine from Tmart.com for $16 (delivered in about 5 days).


I'm sure there are some 3 AAA's around that are similar but I don't like that format and therefore don't know much about them.