what are you using for storing emitters?

now after so many reflows, i have tons of emitters that id like to store, whats everyone doing to storing and writing notes on them?

I use boxes like this

Or just google SMD storage boxes

I keep the strip the new emmiter comes in and I re-seal the old one in the package. Label it and put it in a zip lock (small 1”x1.5”). All my emmiters are in a med. size bag with a desi-pack to control moisture.

I was recently thinking a pill container would be a good idea.

Pill boxes - the ones for 5 intakes per day and some 3 or 4 days. The types found at local pharmacy. Can find them at thrift shop - a buck a box. write over with fine marker and a piece of tape (Scotch Magic Tape, easily removable).

Little ESD bags (the semi-transparent silver-grey metallised ones) with a sticky label to write the contents on. The bags go in a suitably-sized container to keep them all together.

Those are cool!

I don't have any LEDs that aren't on a star (haven't started reflowing yet, but I'm not unable), and I currently keep most of my flashlight parts in little organizers... sometimes called like "bead storage box" or "tackle organizer" sort of thing. I have a nice separate tool box that I keep all my tools in. I hope to keep more of a real workbench at some point, where I could store some stuff rather than having to make all of it go away when I'm not actively using it, but I currently don't have the space.

I also use the small gray ESD bags, you can buy a pack of like 100 for just a few bucks. I don’t even bother with real labels though, just write directly on them with a sharpie. The bags are all organized in a tackle box I got at walmart, along with all my other small flashlight bits. I also keep an inventory spreadsheet so I know what’s in there. That way when I come across an emitter I can look and see if there’s already one in the box and just add it to the existing baggie, plus when I sit down to build something I have a quick way to check the parts I have on hand.