What are your Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlights?

Hello all,

I know some of you have posted about this in different forums, but I'd like to make this thread to show off your favorite lights that you carry with you daily and explain why they're so great. Post away!

I'll start off with mine, as the creator of BudgetLightForum, you would probably imagine that I don't carry a Nitecore or a Fenix with me every day. And you would be correct, I don't even own a name brand light. Rather, in typical BLF fashion, I carry around two VERY cheap lights, which in my case got me started with budget lights:

22000 mcd Keychain

If you don't own one of these yet, then you're not a budget light enthusiast. They are the definitive embodiment of a capable keychain light. I keep one on my keychain at all times. They are weightless, waterproof and indestructible, and the light output easily beats most incandescent flashlights that are 50 times bigger. They require only a brainless squeeze to operate, and have helped me out of many a dark, dangerous situation. At $0.45, they probably won't break the bank. And if they get lost, you'll always have a bag of 5 or 10 more stashed away somewhere.

Generic 1xAA "Powerlight" from DealExtreme.com

This is another underappreciated gem of the budget light world. The $4.28 Powerlight (reviewed here) produces a beautiful bright beam, runs forever and ever on a common AA alkaline battery, and costs less than a cheap fast food meal.

Yes, I have several other much nicer budget lights that make these pale by comparison. But these two budget lights continue to serve me daily, and are a fine testimony to the legacy of Budget Lights.

I edc a couple and sometimes they get rotated out.

Nitecore D10- I like the reason that its small and about the size of a cr123 light in length, the spot is wide with enough spill.....not a thrower by any means. For more brightness i keep a 14500 cell in there and a primary lithium cell in the car.

ITP C9- Small compact light thats puts out a small spot with lots of spill, more intended to be a small thrower because of its half smooth and half op reflector.

ITP SA1- More intended to be a compact single celled thrower because of its use of a smooth reflector, i like this light because you can change brightness levels via the switch at the head. And another plus is that i dont need to slide on a holster to my belt when the light has a preinstalled clip.

Romisen RC-N3- In its compact form the light puts out amazing light when using either primary cells or rcr's, just a note though that brightness is brighter when used with 3.7volts. Big spot, good spill, and compact form make it a good light to use indoors and out as well.

RiverRock 1 Watt- Im surprised that this light is still with me, its my at home light. The light is powered by an AA cell but i tend to keep an AW 14500 cell in there for more brightness. Small compact and the beam is just nice, even though its a smooth reflector the beam just seems to merge with the spill. When the sun starts going down i clip this mighty light onto my shorts and im set. I know your thinking since im at home why carry a light, well when the power goes out i would rather not hit the wall or go fumbling around looking for one.

As with AA and Cr123 cells i make it a point to keep a spare set of batts in the car for that just in case i need it moment.

Ok guys, I know you're going to get jealous and you'll probably want to go out and buy your own but I'll show them off anyway. LOL I have several of the 2D and 2AA Duracell Durabeam's around the house that I've had for many, many, years. The batteries seem to drain after a couple weeks even if they are turned off.

I bought a couple of the solar key chain flashlights a few days ago at Ace hardware for about 3 bucks each. Leave it in the sun or under any light for a few minutes and it's good to go. I'm actually pretty surprised at how bright the little suckers are.

So until I get my 3 new flashlights from 47's, these wil have to do. Jealous much?

Usually a Tank007 E07 in my pockets. If I'm not at work there will be something brighter on my belt - currently an Ultrafire C3 stainless steel. If I'm wearing a jacket (vest in the USA) it'll have a Preon 2 clipped inside. Car keys have an AAA light on them (some sort of Arc clone) and the house keys have a Fenix E01. If the batteries on that lot give out, I'm probably in deep trouble. But then there are also something like 20 light emitting devices on the desk in front of me. OK, two of them are monitors though

I like the monitors bit Don.......Fishinfool i remember having one of those Duracell lights when i was teen.....are they that old.

I keep an iTP A3 EOS in my pocket most days. On my keychain I have a freebie from GoingGear with a flat cell in it which isn't bad for short range and is brighter than my 2xAAA mini mag. Walking the dogs, I take my Trustfire XP-E F23 (really wish it was just two modes) though now that the days are 1 hour longer, maybe I won't need a flashlight on walks for a while.

Yes they are that old Al. They came packaged with a 2D flashlight and some batteries and I'm pretty sure I've had them for well over 10 years. Now I'm positive I need new flashlights. lol

Uhhhhh i think you do......hey at least you migrated to a new and powerful era of lights. Time to put those up when you get the new ones in.

I tend to buy these in packs of 100. A lot of people I know use them as zipper pulls. I must have given away several hundred of these over the years.

My choices are usually something I've bought recently. The F22 would be on my belt if I had a holster for it. I have some hide so may just make something suitable for it. It's just too big for the AA holsters and too small for the P60 sized ones. So till I get a holster made up, it's the Ultrafire C3 stainless steel on my belt, Very bight albeit too hot running on high. It will normally have a 14500 in it. This will be the highest output light on my person unless I take one of the bigger ones for some specific purpose.

One of my two Tank007 E07s will be in my pocket. They are great for crawling under the desk type tasks where the Ultrafire would be too bright. It isn't quite the smallest AA light out there but it is close. The Maratac/ITP AA twisty is fractionally smaller but is more expensive - a lot more expensive for me as it'd be coming from the USA and would almost certainly incur import duty/VAT and PO clearance charges. I could probably get two E07s for the same money.

The Fenix E01 because it just keeps going. There is very little to go wrong and it'll give some light for over 20 hours. It was useful in my last car when the dash illumination failed to come on. It was bright enough to see the speedometer which is kind of important here with the number of revenue raising speed cameras around. It is plenty of light for getting around the house at night.

I will normally have an 18650 light in my bag - usually a P60 device or the Aurora SH-032. The bigger lights won't usually come out unless I reckon on a specific need for them. The 6Ds travel in a car...

I edc 2 lights. UniqueFire G10 1-mode with 14500 and an ITP A3 1-mode w/ nimh.

Wow, I have one of those duracell lights when I was a kid. Do you know the product name?

I EDC a Zebralight SC50w and Fenix LD01 SS. Have the KeygosKE05 and Solarforce L2m when I have a backpack with me.

lol..I had a Durabeam 2AA when I was a kid too. Hopefully, it's still somewhere at my parents house.

At the moment I have an ITP A1 on my keychain and a Fenix E05 in a drawer. I like the Fenix's size but it's just not bright enough for me so now I'm carrying the A1 all the time. I also want to get a Titanium Innovations CA1 or a budget alternative if I can find one.

My EDCs change from time to time right now I am carrying a very beat up Ultrafire A30B 1D tint XML with a Nanjg 105c driver set to 3 mode high, medium and low with a turbo 2.8 amp high and a Black cat with a custom clip and a lanyard.

The Ultrafire is so great because medium performs 90 percent of the necesary jobs and high puts out a wall of of light that is unmatched by anything that size I have ever seen.

I like the black cat because of it's small size and its sharp focused beam are great for finding missing screws in small holes.

Zombie Thread Alert!

My current EDC is the Super Bright 7-2 with a foyzel mod. $3.30 from DX here:(http://www.dealextreme.com/p/super-bright-7-2-1w-30-lumen-led-flashlight-with-strap-black-1-x-aaa-57748)

I had to remove the crenelations as they were too sharp for pocket carry, not to mention, pointless. Other than that, it's a reasonable amount of light for my typical use of working inside computers or similar. 1xAAA, small, and lightweight. And it's cheap enough that I don't have to worry about losing it at work.

Glove box of my car right now maybe later change to TF x9

Usually one or two of these:

- iTP A1 SS, powered with AW 16340 (I really should get some budgetish battery in it, AW has lost reputation in my eyes)

- Zebralight SC51c Not really a budget maybe but for the price I keep it as a good choice still... Eneloops in it.

-DQG Tiny II. My newest and best EDC. Again, not the cheapest budget but boy, do price and quality meet in this!!

In cars I have those famous 1$ eBay lights :)

Upcoming is the Smallsun ZY-777 for trunk.

Xeno E03 XML right now and with 14500 :bigsmile: (for home and close up jobs, but I prefer more throw tho)

You just woke up some brain cells. My father owned a Hardware Store back in the day. He used to sell these! The last time I saw one was back in the 70's!