What are your favorite forums ?

Yeah , I'm a member at Badgerandblade also .

When I showed them this picture , They correctly identified all of the razors within 2 hours . A little more research on my own and I knew the year and which quarter of the year each razor was manufactured .

This collection repesents the lifetime collection of one man . These razors were daily shavers . The oldest is from '38 and the newest is from '76 . They were given to me to display in my barbershop by the man's grandson .

HA, your barbershop. Jacktheclipper. Beautiful.

I remember my first trip to D.C.We paused in front of a small old diner and I was impressed with the gentleman wearing a sheet and a tinfoil hat ...yet much more interested in what he was repeating to me as i gazed into the window behind him he said"Aunt jemima's in the kitchen whipping up a big old batch of buttermilk buscuits ...and they held me down and hit me with the rusty needle ". His request for a few bucks didn't fall upon deaf ears .I figured if he endured the rusty needle , than maybe he needed a hot meal more than I needed a late night snack .

My most visited form is the Turbobricks.com forum. I have been there for a LONG time.

Followed by BLF and CPF. I check reddit.com frequently but other than that, that is about all I do on the internet.