What are your favorite forums ?

I am a visitor / contributor to several forums and I believe that the information on the forums is the most up-to-date and accurate way to research products and how-tos . I find myself Googling almost everything these days , even things I've done or bought before , just in case there's a newer , cheaper , and/or easier way to do things . Many times a Google search will point to a forum and there is where I begin .

I see several other forums mentioned here from time to time and I figure that shared information is what drives these forums .

So here are some of the forums that I frequent and enjoy :

BLF ( of course ) , CPF ( please refrain from bashing forum choices ) , EDCforums , BushcraftUSA , Bladeforums , and Pierandsurf ( just one of many fishing forums I visit ) , and Knot Heads World Wide.

By the way , I'm jacktheclipper on all of the forums I'm registered in .

I am very interested in hearing about some of your favorite forums .

Thanks .

Random picture of a 2C Mag that's been modded with 3 cr123s and a 5 cell Krypton bulb ( my first and only hotwire mod ). Adds nothing to the thread .

I just want to say that I totally agree that forums are the best way to get information and educated opinions on any subject. Right now I don't have any other hobbies that I haven't completely exhausted, so BLF and CPF account for 99% of my forum usage.

I love the old school hotwire. Just last night I had my 2C ROP (low) out. I was feeling nostalgic. :) I use the nite-ize stretch holster too, my 980L is in it right now.

Yeah , the Mag hotwire throws a high CRI pencil beam a long way . Cheapest , easiest Magmod ever .

BLF of course and the rest in no particular order.





Not that I'm a right wing gun nut or anything. ;)

I just noticed after the crash at cpf that ive been a member there since 2007 not a frequent visitor though. I also visit laserpointerforums.com every once in a while. the blu ray laser diode DIY is getting my interest going. good powerful laser for under $50. so similar to modding flashlights.

my wife likes to visit godlikeproductions.com zombies,ufo,conspiracy theories and the end of the world all rolled into one.

Here are forums that I use, some more than others or have stayed a while in the past:


www.multitool.org (multitools/knives/flashlights)

http://www.mobileread.com/ (ebook reader forum)

http://www.christianforums.com/ (Christian forum)

http://www.damnfineshave.com/ (shaving forum)

www.badgerandblade.com (shaving forum)

these are the main ones that come to mind. :)



I am a longtime member of Coffeegeek but I don’t participate much anymore other than reading. I am also a member of the National Barbecue News forum but don’t post anymore and rarely read. Some years back they got a new forum moderator that annoys the hell out of me. Makes it worse that because she’s an old lady everybody tells her how wonderful she is and makes it worse. A few other BBQ forums that I read only.

Jeepforum (haven't been there since I sold my non-m715 jeep)
Badcaps (haven't been there in ages)
Garageretreat (haven't been there in ages)
I used to post on a giant-scale r/c forum, but can't remember the name now.

I use IRC for a lot of things many people use forums for... dalnet, freenode, furnet,... I think so far I've sent two people on IRC here. :)


BLF...of course.

Polaris Ranger Club....Self explanatory

Whirlpool.....all things tech geek

Ships Nostalgia....where ex sailors hang out

Nissan Pathfinder (Aus)....

And a couple of tractor forums

Thanks so much for your input here .

@ Bushytails : What is IRC ?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a message board/chat system from the very beginnings of the Internet. It was how computer people, geeks, and collages communicated on the web.....way before the days of Windows and Internet Explorer and HTML webpage language. It is still used today as a form of Internet communication and compared to something like Facebook....it would be considered rather "cave man" but still very useful......it is Genesis.

E1320 > great forum .. http://www.advrider.com/forums/ and thumpertalk..<..one of the worst

Jamesearljones >I feel your pain ... Godlikeproduction is the ultimate definition of insanity .To become a member I think you need to do about 10 hits of LSD , drink 3 gallons of Jim Beam,drive a 65' buick riviera into a tree at 60mph and have been abducted by aliens.....twice

Advrider has some of the best stories on the net it is my dream to do a RTW ride some day. Thumpertalk has some good tech info like the Dave mod for my XR but it is old and stale.

I just sold my XR650 but I still visit the thumper section on adv, force of habit I guess. I had to buy a Fox twin clicker for my Bandit 12 to similate the loss of the super squishy suspension I had on the Honda.

I mostly hang out here and couple of Finnish shooting/gun related forums. And I have registrated myself to many different forums when having a questions from a certain field of interest (cars, RC stuff etc), but left them since.

But from international forums, I'd say


CPF (occasionally, and nowadays almost only the CPF-MP)





www.hardocp.com (computer related)

xbmc.org (HTPC related)

A few training, fitness, and food related forums but due to language barrier it is uselless to post them here. A good read if you care what you eat and like to have greater physical strength, endurance and improve your general health, body and mind. Used to be pretty passive and sedentary but i quickly changed lifestyle for the better. The weight of the world lessened by half at least.

Oh, a fellow shaving geek. I used to hang around there some time ago, but lost interest when I felt the subjects became repetitive (sharpest blade (Feather)... best historic blade (Spoiler)... best soap (well, no default. Irisch Moos for me)... why, oh why won't Gillette bring back the DE... ad infinitum) .

I stumbled upon that badgerandblade forum once and was amazed. A forum for shaving. That’s what’s so cool about forums, something for everyone.

LOL I hear about GLP everyday. need to go build some lead shielded helmets for the kids now.