What are your favorite lights below $8 ?

5W MXDL Super Bright 3xAAA Luxeon LED Flashlight Torch

light was 3.99~4.99 and has a short 18650 jammed in it , has a tiroptic beautiful tint and a very bright smooth beam .Face stands very well and is a great junk light.130lumens +

A great $7 woot light .. copy of a maglight throws just like the stock ultrafire mcu c-88 3 AA light ...

Speaking of 3AA lights and Woot --->> this is another great 7$ light

3AA flood to throw q5 ..huge clamp130 lumens 3 mode .crazy twist head

**Keep your eyes open for these woot flashlight deals and buy them up at 3 for 20$**

This, for 1.90$:

Sipik SK-58 $6.65

PowerLight HX-G011 $2.83

+1, love that little light, it's soooo cheap :P!

where can you buy them?

From autoshop8810 on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Auto-Shop-8810

Note that there are two similar flashlights ("pen 7119" and the regular which picture is in the previous message), choose the one you like more.

Cool, thanks!

Anyone know exactly how bright these are or what type of led is in them? I know....for under 3 bucks shipped who cares...but still....

Bought the ultrafireM10 1 mode on Ebay for $7.79

Works with AA and 14500 batteries with no problems.

I bought a Sipik SK68 from Manafont @ $10 after reading the big review thread.

Yesterday I won an Ebay auction and paid $6.50 for a spare. I have seen the light go for as low at $6.

Some Ebay dealers sell the light at under $8 on "Buy it Now", thus making the cutoff for this thread.

Search using the terms cree Q5 adjustable. Some dealers do not use sipik in the title but it is in the pics. Some lights are marked Sipik, some Cree, some with other labels or none at all. They all seem to be the same light.

Check out the big Sipik SK68 thread here.

I love the Sipik 68, it's well worth the money. Think the $2 MXDL light is lovely, but invest like 4 times more and the Sipik is the best light (for me at least) under $8 :-).

Some generic "high power" LED.

I think it's about 10-20 lumens.

The “just light” app for the iPhone is great, I use it all the time. Free too!

How about a link to an iPhone for under $8.00? ;)

That should be free too, as much as they charge you to use it.

are all the sipik 68's single mode lights ?

Mr. Admin. i have always liked the look of that silly light what's the emitter on that guy ?? do you know ?

I'll add the 3.50$ free coast light mini tac and nano tac great little cheap lights


The Sipik zoomer? It has an OSRAM, pretty nice for the price. The Powerlight? It has a blob of glowing putty. Actually has a beautiful beam profile and warm tint, though.

The chinese emitter is a 100% hit or miss as far as tint goes ..i think there is someone lighting them all up and tossing 90% of them in the purple bin to sell them at cost plus a nickel on ebay .the two that match modded had nice tints and I wanted to scream NO !! you won the tint lottery and found the two buttery yellow tints out of 20,000 ..i'm sure he saved them and will sell them to me really cheap :P

Actually, these cheap silver colored Powerlights consistently come with a buttery yellow tint. Surprisingly nice.

Here you go: http://www.smartone-vodafone.com/jsp/iPhone4/english/price.jsp

Sign up for the $398/month (HKD. ~$50 CAD/USD) plan, and you get 3900 minutes, unlimited data & sms. Course, you have to be in HK.

But Powerlights are from regular dealers like DX right ?

Have there been any cheap EBAY BLF delights that have the same tints?

Delights Vs. Powerlights

1.25$ 3.50$