What are your opinions on using battery?

What are your opinions on using battery?

As what i experienced, I charged one battery but not a pair at a time(my charger can hold four batteries once), because the torch I have can only take one battery at a time. I also took a brand new AA battery to replace one of two old batteries to keep the torch running.

Can you please clarify that It’s safe to charge a single battery at a time? And do I have to wait until the battery reach 3.6volts before I start charging it? How do I tell if the battery is ready for charging? how do you think that I forget to remove the batteries if I leave my flashlight at home for a month long journey?

I didn’t have any experience about short circuit, catching fire, or batteries explosion, but thank you for any suggestions on using batteries.

As an aside, will protected battery eat up most of the problem we may come across?

Part of that depends on your charger but for the most part it is fine to charge 1 battery at a time. It doesn't hurt to top them off so you don't need to wait until 3.6 volts until you recharge it.

Thanks, you help me out some of my questions. Maybe many of you can not figure out the issues i described. :frowning: