What black friday deals should I look for?

Hi all!

I’m in no rush to buy anything, and own basically 0 flashlights. I’ve started scanning last years threads to see what came up, but curious what black friday deals last year you thought were really good?

I’d be looking for:

- a reasonably lightweight headlamp for multi-day camping/hiking (thinking about the H03)

- something small/cheap with no parasitic drain that I can keep in my car

  • an alternative to the fenix lantern for camping - something cheap that I can hang from a tent that has a very warm temp (4k or so).

It looks like the H03 went for $27 last year, but I can get it for $29 right now, so not much of a deal.

Keep an eye out on these threads. Note that you will need to go to the last pages to find deals that are active.

There are a lot of good deals offered in those threads, as well as a few others on here.
The headlamp and lantern are two that I can not really make a recommendation on, but the Convoy S2+ can be had cheap and I am real happy with the price/quality ratio. I think I paid $12 and an additional $2.50 or so for the 18350 tube.

Yep, the Convoy S2+ is good value for money.

If you can afford it, I prefer my BLF A6.