What blade did you EDC today?

One of today’s carry…

My modded Ganzo G732 . This is my first try with dying G10 scales:


So Today I am trying something new. I have been thinking I wanted to pick up one of the versions of the Thin bodied minimalist long slender blades kinda like the Kwaiken style of knives. Then I happened across the CRKT CEO. I don’t have any pictures but I am impressed with the size and low profile when wearing a shirt and tie. Don’t get me wrong but I still love all my ZT’s.

Here is a link to it.

Not to bad for $40 bucks or so. I think I am going to try a official Kwaiken next.

I thought the same thing before I held one at Blade Show this year, really nice knife and smooth movement but just too thin and small to feel comfortable in my hand. Felt like I was holding a pencil.

Yeah not sure if I want to go all Jason Borne on someone with a pencil. :confounded:

But if you go all John Wick on them, all you need is a pencil. :)

Lately I’ve been EDCying this ~10€ multitool knife at work, very decent for the price :+1:

Comes with an (angry blue) LED :smiling_imp:

Was reviewed by WeJuggleKnives a few years ago :

I knew I’ve seen that CEO before :wink:


I’d order one if it was with a tip-up carry clip…

Switched back to this for work, for a while, and that's a Fact.

Still have to anodize the new clip I made to my CRK (ChinesRipoffKnife) TiLock.

I just managed to lose the clip on job when it must’ve fell down and got wiped away to the trash bin by the job student…

Anyways, I never really liked the G+G-Hawk clip.

Strider SJ75 clone with titanium frame-lock and D2 blade:

Land 155. I love this knife. Excellent blade shape and very comfortable. Only problem was the axis lock who was super strong to the point the lock would be stuck, so I remove one omega spring and now its super smooth to use.
Axis lock + balls bearings is a great combo.

Cheburkov Russkiy

Petrified Fish :slight_smile:

Benchmade 490

Petrified Fish PF712 flipper:

Is it a good quality brand? They have a nice gentleman with wood handle knife with 12C27 on balls bearing but I don’t like the screws they are using. Many noname knifes use the same screws and the steel must be super soft.

Both of my Petrified Fish folders arrived with excellent fit & finish, smooth action, centered blade and solid lock-up. I have no problem with the pivot screws but the pocket clips are only for tip down carry.
Those wooden handle gentleman’s folders also look nice I might give them a try sooner or later. At the moment I’m tempted by this similar styled but more robust one with 3.5” AUS-8 blade.

Today EDC are two RAD Shepherd brothers from a different mother.
Bronze Ti ano handle with brushed blade and stonewashed black Ti handle with stonewashed black Ti coated blade.

Don’t go for a swim with those in your pockets. :wink: :slight_smile: