What blade did you EDC today?

Thanks. That’s precisely why I keep mine as more of a backup light. My Jetbeam Jet-U gets more battery time. This way I don’t have to recharge it as often. I did discover that I have a nitpick… not all that happy with having to double-click to turn on. Didn’t really bother me at first, because of the novelty of the A8. But it hasn’t aged well with me.

Sanrenmu / Land 913P :

Dragonfly 2 Purple Sprint Run

Sorry, I don’t have posting images quite figured out yet.

( and not carrying it, just admiring, lol)

Was just going to buy myself a Two Sun. Fire ant mini for pocket.
Won $250 on Lottery ticket on thurs.
Then a saw a bottle of Taliskers 10yr old Single Malt (My fav).
On speshul for $108AUD.

So I bought ém both. Shhhhh.
Boss lady will KILL me.
Had to add $50AUD to it.
Our dollar is 57c US. at present.

US priced items are off the list at present.
Incl holidays.

and to think. 7ish yrs ago.
Our $$ was worth MORE than the US. $1.06US to the AUD.
Kids can come here this yr hey.

The Talisker is on sale here for ~ $65AUD. Is it worth a try? :slight_smile:

Harnds Beak for me:

Mini Goblin

I had to customize the Mini Goblin, of course. Flamed the Titanium and polished the blade, re-contoured the edge to a 20 degree profile.

Absolutely beautiful. I said to myself, “I have to get me one of those.” Then I saw the price. :open_mouth:

I have always been a sucker for a drop point, but that one don’t do it for me.


If you like a smoky Whiskey. YESSSS.

I’ve tried a few over the yrs. It , along with Glenfarclas 10yr.
are probably my favourite tipple, Smoky.
But be careful, both 46% proof. I take with a small block of ice.

Johnny Double black and Glenlivet 12 are nice “”in company” drinks
Rather than giving out your good stuff.

You have to drink same as mates,
Or they empty your good bottles real quick.
Most think the Glenlivet and Johnny Double Black are top mark whiskey’s. Shhhh.
Keeps them happy, and your good (to you… ALL have different taste) stuff on shelf.

Yea.65EU. I wish. Standard Johnny Red is above $40 for 750ml
UNfortunately, They know how to charge for the good stuff over here.

Talisker 10yr Occasionally, on speshul. $86 the best yet.
It’s actually (to my taste) Better finish than the 12 yr.

Stay away from Talisker SKYE. (dog piss) I gave the bottle away.
HE… Actually liked it.
A mouthful of sour vinegar to me with afterburners.

I quite like my Harnds Knight. and Y-Start —02. (3—3 1\2 in blades)
I prefer a blade with full or near, Full length Backbone. either along spine.
Or down centreline of blade.
BUT. They all have that connecting weak spot there.
The hinge.

My Most Practical blade. For anything.
Fixed. 4 1\2 in Blade.
MARTIINI Original. Over 50 yrs old now. still most useful
AND SAFEST… NO movable blade when working or hammering.
I replaced Tang with bigger one.

Folders alright for Trimming, cleaning under your fingernails and sharpening a pencil.
Slicing Apple. Skinning Orange, Mango’s.

Anything OVER that. Respect your fingers. Fixed.

I’ve used my frame lock folder to punch a hole in heavy barn sheet metal as a target for shooting, no probs. Guess it depends on the quality of the folder as to what one can get away with. :wink: Obviously a heavy duty fixed blade of quality steel can stand up to a different abuse factor as a different kind of tool.

Koenig calls the Mini Goblin a reverse tanto if I recall correctly…

Looks like a very nice blade.

Lets hear how it handles the long run and Give us a monthly update please.

Side note, I have gone away from my dainty EDC back to my hard use stuff. My Boss even commented when I opened a box with a couple of swipes. “Back to the hard use stuff?”

Thanks for your recommendations! :+1: I will add them to my survival kit against corona! :slight_smile:

My new Swiss Army Flipper :wink:

Loving it. But I want a front flipper version. Please please.

How slicey is the blade?

It passed my tomato and cheese slicing tests without any problem. :slight_smile:

That is a great looking knife :wink:

Blade thickness behind secondary bevel?

Darn, I really want it as a front flipper :crown: Where’s the angry child emoji???

It’s around 0.35 mm.

Wow, sounds thin. Well, I guess I’ll maybe wait a month or two to see if a frontie will pop up, then I might get one.

I have an idea how to make a Swiss cross insert already, so I guess I’ll get one eventually to erase the idea out of my head :wink: