What blade did you EDC today?

That’s a great knife . I’ve been carrying mine for 30 some years now . Forgot is was in my pocket going through TSA . They were going to confiscate, I said no way and shipped it back home. It’s sad it’s come to that . It’s a pocket knife , for cryin out loud !

I don’t know if this is already posted somewhere on BLF. Hope someone finds this list of tested blade steels, helpful.

Anyone have any recommendations for a small edc flipper? I’d like a smaller blade length — between 2-2.5”. I’m currently looking at the Kershaw Scallion, but thought y’all may have some great suggestions.

Kershaw is generally decent. What’s your price range?

If you want an assisted-opener for less than $50, then Kershaw is probably the best choice, though not every Kershaw is a winner.

I don't collect knives as small as you're looking for, so I cannot help you on a recommendation.

I have been drooling over the TwoSun TS138. It’s not exactly cheap but it is great looking and I have always been happy with my other TwoSuns. It takes every bit of what little self control I have not to order it.

Ideally in the $60 or less range.

Wow. This one does look pretty incredible. Tempting.

No its not.I have some of these knifes and you can tell its not D2 just by the absence of rust stains alone and also you need to sharpen them often like the usual cheap chinese steel. The one that use real good steel are more expensive or from reputable cheap brands like Ganzo and Sanrenmu.

The fact that you can easily fool people with the steel show that its not really that important. For example swiss army knifes use really bad steel and nobody is complaining.

Check out the CRKT large Pilar. It comes in 8Cr or D2, with several scale choices, and aftermarket scale choices.
It also comes in a smaller version that is thumb hole/flick open, with a little pivot and detent massaging, if it is delivered too tight. It also has aftermarket scale support, with a lot of mod vids on YouTube.


Incredible list! Fantastic to see the level of test detail here. I’m not an avid collector, but I’d certainly say I’m an enthusiast, and quality is far more important to me than it use to be. I work in the metals industry, so seeing these results is very cool.

My EDC rotation is mainly Benchmades (3400bk, 808bk, 490, 555bk mini). Beyond BMs, Spyderco Para2 (amazing knife), some Kershaw’s (leeks mainly), a Gerber gator (first real knife atleast 20 years old), Leatherman skeletool CX, and good ole fashion Swiss Army. I really only carry the Benchmades anymore, when it gets dull I send it back for sharpening and maintenance and grab the next :slight_smile:

I like your list because it validates a lot of these companies quality claims. BM mainly delivers on Rockwell tests (good to see), but what really struck me is Spyderco exceeds hardness claims more than any other.

Thank you again for the time you took compiling, I found it fascinating.

Byrd Meadowlark, blue. Massdrop Gent, black. In our local municipality knives 3” or above are illegal to carry even if you have a CCP.

Even with my OTF knife—which has less function than my other folders, as it really is a specialty item (cool as hell though)—is illegal to carry concealed. Even my spring assist 490 is technically illegal to carry, if concealed. The work around to this is you better make absolute sure the clip is visible, thus negating an intentional conceal. A visible sheath also negates this. Oregon has the same blade length restrictions as Washington State.

Sanrenmu Land 916 today:

Kershaw Blur :smiley:

My custom burnt bronze ZT 0456, everyday all day :smiley:

Got out my Koenig to cut a truck mud flap, thick fiber re-enforced rubber… just silly how effortlessly it sliced a 21” cut! Gotta love it! CTS-204P is proving itself to be exceptional!

My TUKKXL (Tactical Utility Knife Keychain - eXtra Large) from Brad @ www.tacticalkeychains.com

and the RovyVon Aurora A24Ti

Nice combo! How are you liking the A24Ti? Any nits about it?

Besides the short battery life, no complaints at all. It will usually last at least one full day before the red led comes on to let me know battery voltage is 2.5 or lower. I might get another battery but so far it’s been great little light.