What can I expect in terms of lumen output from a L2N and the new Solarforce XM-L low voltage 3-mode drop-in?

I’ve done a lot of searching here and elsewhere and have only found comments about older versions of Solarforce XML-T6 drop ins. More exists on other brands like those from Manafont, etc.

The specific drop-in I’m referring to is solarforceflashlight-sales.com - Informationen zum Thema solarforceflashlight sales.. They rate it at 820 lumens which I consider unrealistic. I’m guessing that with a LiOn 18650 in the L2N that the draw will be around 1.4A on high with output on low-med-high perhaps in the 40/225/375 lumens range. How realistic is this guestimate?

I have no test instruments to sanity check things once the L2N is delivered from Solarforce. Like I’ve said, can’t find any user experience with this particular drop-in. So I’m hoping someone here can provide some helpful information.


820lm is a perfectly reasonable figure, you can expect no less than 95% of that.
It's really easy to build a >2.8amp driver in a P60 module. The real challenge is heat management after about 10mins.

Note: The fact that it will be hosted in an L2N won't change the output figure by more than ~0.1%.

SF’s drop-ins are known for conservative drive levels. I think ~375 lumens is certainly a reasonable number, though the real output could be higher or a little lower depending on the type of driver they implement in this drop-in.

Forgive me if I remain a skeptic. Here’s an example of some of the old data I found: A review of an L2 with a Solarforce XM-L 3-mode low voltage drop-in. Granted this is an older version of the drop-in I’m asking about, still…. Review: Another Solarforce L2 review with the Solarforce 3 mode XM-L drop in. old4570 reported a high draw of 1.6A for just over 500 lumens. Others cited a draw on high in the 1.4A range. In post #5 he reacts to the manufacturers rating of 820 lumens indicating more real world testing is needed. His lament is consistent with my query (and skepticism) here.

cut a little off for reflector and lens loss. it does not say on their page how much current it draws though.

Thank you for taking the time to post a response to my query. Seems I may be on the right track with my guestimates. Really wish though that someone with the right equipment also has this drop-in and could provide solid numbers to satisfy my curiosity. Again thanks!

Hope this helps.


Thanks Pulsar! Hadn’t found that one in my searching. If I’m reading things right he’s showing just over 500 lumens for 1400mA current which lines up with the output old4570 got with the older version of this drop-in. Mmmmm….

BTW sometime I need to share with you my experiences in Maine back in the early 80’s :slight_smile:

No problem. I know what you mean!
Also, welcome to BLF!

You know I had seen that :slight_smile: Odd they show 500 lumens max there yet on their link I included in my opening post they show 820 lumens. Inflation? LOL

BTW many of the other threads I found in my search (different older models: e.g. 1-mode, 5-mode) they cited measuring anywhere from 0.9v to 1.46v draw on high with estimates of output between 325 and 375 lumens. Perhaps this new version does give more output :slight_smile:

he doesnt specify what bin he is testing, and they dont specify bin on the SF page either… if you want a true 800l p60, theres many people here that will be able to build a custom drop in or point you in the right direction… im thinking an xml2, 2.8a driver and a OP reflector would knock your socks off if you have been out of the loop for a long time

and sounds like it could be fun to hear some stories. theres a handful of us from maine here, slim above is one

I’ve definitely been out of the loop for at least 6 years or more. And yes there’s been tremendous advances in LED technology from the old Luxeon and Nichia stuff :slight_smile: Don’t know that I need a super mega output torch though. Just wondering what I really do have with what I just ordered. The drop-in is in hand but the host is en route:)

As for Maine suffice it to say that for the better part of a year I was living in the BOQ at NAS Brunswick as a senior nucleus crew member of one of the first FFG-7 Class ships was being built at BIW. Used to laugh at what the locals called the Ramada Inn in Lewiston. LOL

i work at BIW as a welder :wink:
the dirty lew… hate that town. live about 15 mins east of there

Dayum! Small world! I was there ’79-’80. As an aside I also worked at a shipyard… Mare Island in northern Kalifornia… both as an officer an civilian in the nuke world :slight_smile:

Used to love picking up fresh lobster from a guy I met who owned five boats. I’d fly them live back down to Florida where my wife and kids were every two weeks on my R&R break. Always brought back a load of fresh gulf shrimp. A guy’s wife at FIT Bath ME was from Louisiana and would whip up some fantastic gumbo!

Solarforce dropins vary. I have several u2 xml 3modes some run 1.8amp others 2.1 and a 5mode that runs 2.1amp. I have a low volt xpg thats driven at 2.5amps while the 3 mode is 1.5. There’s a lot of variation even between some of the same dropin types so I’ll assume they have different drivers at different manufacturing times.

The xpg dropins are very nice and throwy, and the new xml u2 are great for runtime and heat management. Not rockets by any means but still bright enough for my uses.

Intl-outdoors, a highly regarded site, sells some dropins that you can customize and there are a plethora of other dropins from various sites.

I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed, at least your batteries will last longer.

Then why not just build your own? It's cheaper than that drop-in, discounted, and you can guarantee amperage.

As a sexagenarian heart attack survivor with bad hands I don’t pick up a soldering iron anymore. Wish I still had the steady hands and sharp eyes but alas I don’t. So no home brew stuff anymore :frowning:

BTW in all my travels I still regret never having had an opportunity to visit Australia. From everything I’ve read and heard from those that have, it’s is a beautiful place indeed!

Thanks. And no, I do’t expect toi be disappointed. As an aside I just popped some inexpensive XR-E R2 drop-ins in my vintage Surefires including nitrolon models. Quite pleased with the results and the manageable heat. First upgrades I’ve done in nearly 7 years!

That link you posted shows a more current date at the bottom than the Solarforce one I cited. Did they throttle back on their published lumen levels? Regardless the 500 max sure seems a lot more realistic. Maybe my guestimates should be revised to ~45/270/450 Lumens……

Ah darn, sorry to hear about that. There's so many people on here that would be willing to make one for you, including myself, but I'm afraid the shipping is more than the cost on the drop-in itself. If you go on the WTB section of this forum, just make a thread and there would be someone to help you out for sure.

There's also Vinz from around here and CPF-marketplace, he regularly sells incredibly made drop-ins.

Australia is most certainly a beautiful land, especially if you have plenty time and love to travel! I love my sunburnt country.

Understood! BTW I’ve been a member of CPF for 9+ years although not active in recent times.

But honestly, as described in my new member introduction thread, I’m not looking to radically expand what I have. Being retired my flashlight needs have diminished markedly :slight_smile: So getting a custom pill made these days isn’t on my radar. But you never know :slight_smile: